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The formation of truly twenty first century School of Engineering in Babu Banarasi Das University has gained the reputation to be the top Engineering College in Lucknow with its deep roots in hardcore traditional engineering. With flagship disciplines like electronics and communication engineering where we concentrate on modern era wireless and sensor system, we have state of the art Computer Science and Engineering, where we concentrate on cutting edge technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing and Augmented Reality, extremely modern Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and basis of all modernity, Electrical Engineering.


To light the fire of benevolence and academic greatness to create engineers who are truly capable of becoming our world’s backbone! A strong one!


“To provide an equal opportunity to the young generation for evolving their core competencies for building up their career as a world class business professionals with broad based foundations, in depth knowledge and versatile personality to meet the challenges of global economy”


Electricity is one of the things invisible to the human eye, but we can’t imagine a world without it. Electrical Engineering is the mother of present-day subjects like Electronics, Computer Science and others whether it’s communications or satellites, IT or energy. Electrical Engineering are at the forefront of the sectors that shape the way we live. This program is the blend of theory and practical applications which allows students to think things through and then apply their ideas in a variety of real-life situations. As the practical knowledge about this electrical core branch is missing in some of the engineering colleges, Top Engineering College in UP are still maintaining it.

As India is transitioning through a plethora of civil engineering operations, there is a current need for modern civil engineering for various government, business, and private ventures. To cater to these customised demands, we have assembled some of best civil engineering philosophers India has to offer in the field of water resources, geotech, structural engineering and transportation. Combined with modern computational, visualisation and simulation facilities, this cross child of civil engineering and computing prospers in modernity with ease. You can find all the amenities in Best Engineering Colleges of Lucknow.

The saga of the computer and its science needs no introduction. From INTERNET to military sensors, from census to the stock market, from your car to your doctor, computing devices have changed the way we live, work, prosper and help each other leading towards a better society. It goes without saying that tendency of computing and its tools, its soft-middle-hardware and related world of exotic visual beauty shall enthral you should you pursue a career in computing.

This introduction will not be complete if we don’t mention evergreen Mechanical Engineering, which has formed the basis for engineering development across the centuries. While seasons change and so does the flow of water through the bridge, mechanical engineers have always remained relevant and have made tremendous contributions towards the world economy. It’s our privilege to invite you to Mechanical Engineering and check us out in reality and on the web.


Why Engineering

Engineering is the basis of everything we see around us. It is our knowledge of engineering that has allowed humanity to create the wonders that have left us awestruck and without which all our understanding of science would be theories wasting paper. Especially in today’s era of globalisation, wherein we are moving towards a very advanced, yet crisis-stricken (lack of resources, health and pollution hazards etc.) society, talented and dedicated engineers are the need of the hour, who can design and create to keep advancing forward and yet evade all sorts of crisis simultaneously.

To make sure this happens, the School of Engineering at Babu Banarasi Das University (BBDU), one of the Best Engineering College in UP offers the courses for beginners (B.Tech) as well as deep learning (M.Tech as well as Ph.D.) in the core fields of engineering to contribute to the backbone of the country’s infrastructure.

BTech Lab of BBDU Lucknow


Why is the School of Engineering of Babu Banarasi Das University (BBDU) considered the best college for pursuing Engineering in Lucknow?

A: Globalisation has led to a proliferation of science and technology. Only studying theories within the four walls of the classroom will not be sufficient. Babu Banarasi Das University(BBDU) has a state-of-the-art engineering school equipped with both modern and traditional ways of learning. The experienced faculty members with their innovative teaching-learning method have made the School of Engineering the best Engineering College in Lucknow. The college aims to develop the best skills and competencies of the students so that the students develop a versatile personality and are capable to take up various challenges.

What are the different departments of engineering in the School of Engineering, BBDU?

A: The College has various departments of study. The electronic and telecommunication department mixes up the deep-rooted traditional studies along with the sensory and wireless systems of modern technology. The electrical engineering and mechanical engineering departments cater to the needs of the students through their modern and updated curriculum. The computer science engineering department is one of the most sorted departments to equip the students with the present systems. The curriculum of civil engineering is a mix of visualization, simulation facilities, and computational works. All the facilities have helped in making this help in making this college one of the top Engineering colleges in UP.

What are the top companies providing placement in BBDU?

A: The School of Engineering, BBDU is the best Engineering College in UP and the students get the best placement opportunities after the successful completion of their respective course curriculums. The students are placed in big companies like Infosys, Ola, TCS, Sony, and many other top-notch companies after the completion of the courses.

What courses for higher studies can be pursued from BBDU after completion of B.Tech?

A: Many students want to pursue higher studies and research work after completing their B.Tech course from this top Engineering College in Lucknow.  M.Tech and later on Ph.D. can be pursued after the course. 

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