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Top Law College in Lucknow, UP

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The School of Legal Studies of BBDU which has the reputation of being the top Law college in UP envisages advancement of institutional expertise in the area of legal research and education by augmenting academic and professional excellence, developing critical and relentless engagement with legal theory and practice, synergizing law, legal research, law education and action to further the quest for justice. School of Law Studies aspires to open new vistas in the arena of law, legal studies, theoretical and clinical legal education through an incessant Endeavour towards developing academic potential, critical analytical ability, advocacy, counseling and mediation skills so as to fully equip the students with learning which in intellectually stimulating, socially vital and professionally enriching.


To nurture individuals who not only achieve professional greatness, but who also find themselves internally connected to the judicial system of this country with a moral purpose to right the wrongs of our society!


“To provide an equal opportunity to the young generation for evolving their core competencies for building up their career as a world class business professionals with broad based foundations, in depth knowledge and versatile personality to meet the challenges of global economy”


The School is open to adopt new teaching methodologies for law which aids to achieve its objectives. The teaching of the subject combined with regular group discussion, presentations by students, case laws study and discussion, projects, seminars, moot court, courtroom exercise, court visits, Legal Aid programs, legal awareness programs etc. in the School of Law not only makes the learning meaningful and enjoyable but it also has created a vibrant academic environment in the School.

School of Legal Studies fully understands this issue and provides exhilarating yet rewarding bachelor’s courses in law accompanied by continuous and relentless engagement with the practice of law along with its research, study, discussion, debate, and analysis, all going on simultaneously. We makes sure this exhilaration inculcates a drive towards excellence and growth, and the sense of righteousness towards the society.

Why Legal Studies

Legal studies, or the study of the law and its related systems, requires an individual to understand, comprehend, and become familiar to, the laws and their working in a society. In an era of complete trade and economic liberalisation, globalisation, crypto currencies, increasing importance of privacy and individual prestige, surge of self-dependent businesses etc., almost everything requires law to make sure that the interests and sentiments of every individual is maintained. Thus, not only is the need for law, but also for law-handlers increasing.

All law handlers have the responsibility of:

  • Protecting an individual’s, state’s, or a respective nation’s interest;
  • Prevent any misuse of law;
  • Provide justice to any innocent and a penalty to any wrong-doer
  • Help ease the development of technologies and businesses;
  • Continuously update legal systems for greater ease in running of the society,
  • Make the world a more peaceful, just and happy place to live in.

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