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IPR Cell

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Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow is an academic Institute dedicated to excellence in teaching and research. In order to inspire students from many academic fields, the intellectual property right cell was established in 2019. The cell’s major goal is to promote innovation and creativity in new areas of higher professional education in order to support the development of knowledge. The IPR cell’s goal is to help students become more analytical and creative. This is accomplished through brainstorming sessions, conversations among multidisciplinary students, expert speeches, etc. Its activities, which are cantered on faculty, students, project staff, supporting staff, and innovators, are founded on knowledge and intellectual exercise.


IPR cell BBDU has the following objectives:

  • To lay down a fair system which nurture the innovation and research in areas of science, technology and humanities etc.?
  • To safeguard the lawful interests of the stakeholders including the faculty members, research scholars, students and other member of the University.
  • To lay down organized and transparent process for ownership, regulation and assignment of IP rights and allocation of revenues generated by IP, resulting from the properties so created and held by the university.
  • To put down a mechanism by which the research work created by authors are disseminated to the public through the channels of transfer of technology.
  • To strengthen the research and academic activities by generating funds from intellectual property.
  • To build this university as an institution of academic excellence and of highest order.
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