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Top School of Education in Lucknow, UP

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The School of Education at BBDU is a premier Teacher Education Institution holding a reputation for being the best Teacher Training College in Uttar Pradesh. The School of Education has been paving the learning-rich path that Pupil Teachers can behave in preparation for pursuing a successful and satisfying carrier in the best Educational Institution of our country and it develops Pupil Teachers for application-based research which grooms graduates to become effective educators. The focus of the school is to nurture and develop cognitive as well as non-cognitive skills aligned with the goals of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship. The school offers undergraduate, and Ph.D. program in Education.

Vision of School of Education

Transforming lives through learning

Mission of School of Education

School of Education strives to create quality teachers, lifelong learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers. It aims to provide quality education and achieve academic excellence at par with the goal of BBD University. It also aims to build Educators, Teacher Educators and Researchers working in the field of pedagogy, innovations in teaching, encompassing all the realms of teaching and learning.


Why Education

Education provides an important contribution in leading to constructive growth and development of the individuals and teachers who play a major role in imparting education to the students. The major significance of Teacher Education is focused on the impart of training to the teachers, with the main objective of achieving the desired educational outcomes. Teachers have an important role to play in leading to effective growth and development of the students. Therefore, to perform their job, duties up to the required standard, it is vital for them to enhance their skills and abilities. The teachers have an important role to play in not only achieving the desired goals and objectives of the Educational Institutions, but also in promoting welfare of the community. Within the course of implementation of their duties, they are required to cope up with many challenges.

Why Education Course

The idea of education has always been of paramount importance since the proper inception of sciences. But, unfortunately, the world had always tilted towards the idea of “it is not the teacher who teaches, but the student who learns”, until recently enough, fortunately, people recognised the importance of not just a teacher, but a good, apt, and efficient one.

Especially, in today’s world of growth and competition, there is a serious need for teachers who not only convey knowledge to students in the most fruitful of ways, but also help them develop a very healthy and positive mind-set, primarily important for their personal peace and pleasant growth.

While their students build the society, it is the teachers who lay the foundation.

A devoted teacher:

  • Creates the society of tomorrow;
  • Forms better individuals and good humans;
  • Helps and touches innumerable lives (knowingly or unknowingly); and
  • Makes the world a better place to live in.

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