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M. Tech – Computer Networking

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Educational Objectives

Computer systems have been in the limelight for almost 2 decades now, and the way we are dependent on them, it seems that they are always going to be the centre of attraction. Given the elaborate systems these machines are, there are a lot of subsystems under them that together make them up. One such, and one of the most important, subsystems is networking.

Computer Networking, an M.Tech study, available in the best M.Tech college in Lucknow like BBDU is the study of all networking that can be done via a computer system, and the various security and threat concerns available. One of the major issues related to computers, hacking, can be completely prevented by someone with a strong knowledge of Networks. Network can also go a long way in collaboration with other streams and technologies and can be used in a fruitful way in almost every domain.

Given the high demand of Network Engineers, a Computer Networking college in Lucknow like BBDU is trying to meet special objectives in order to provide the nation with the most capable Network Engineers. These objectives are:

  • All students should be theoretically sound
  • All theory should have been understood with a hand-on approach in state-of-the-art labs
  • All students should have real-time training, research and project experience
  • All knowledge should be in-depth, with a sound idea of developments around the globe

Opportunities For Computer Networking Engineers

There is no dearth of opportunities, especially after a course like network engineering, where both research and job can be equally fruitful.

  1. The struggle between hackers and security experts will always be there
  2. The need for better and improved connections is always in demand.
  3. Big companies will always require personal network experts
  4. Internet, and related networking culture has a potential to grow

From the few points above, one can realise how important is a Network Engineer, and how fruitful he/she would have a very open-ended career, both in a job or research.

A few jobs usually offered to Network Engineers are:

  • Network Engineer
  • Webmaster
  • Network Application Manager
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Web Manager
  • Research Assistant
  • Security Specialist


Computer Science Labs

  • Artificial Lab
  • Programming Lab
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Network Simulation Lab
  • Information Security Lab

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