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In the emerging global world, technological advancement and economic, global and trans-border mobility are defining the new life style. The revolutionary impact of technology has enhanced the expanse of Human existence. The diverse societies are compelled to communicate and transact with each other in terms socio-economic realities of life that led varying effect on human psychology and its complexities. No wonder language learning, industrial economics and industrial psychology have emerged as challenging areas of innovation, research and explorations of yet unexplored and newly developed horizons of knowledge.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences functions with the beliefs that, “It is education that transforms a layman into a wise human personality”. Value education is par excellence for it retains the balance between both the utilitarian and the higher objectives of the concerned subject. Thus, the school is devoted to shape young generation into a personality equipped with the essence of practical as well as potential approach of knowledge. The mission of the school is not only to furnish the young minds with work skills but to develop critical and creative thinking and to provide them the knowledge of Industrial Sociology, Psychology, Communicative English, Linguistics, professional ability and Cultural Aesthetics along with high efficiency of communication skills. The major objective is to enable them to face challenges of life as well as of profession successfully. The special feature of the school is that a student enters the university/program which a child in a cell but exists from it as a citizen of global and multicultural world.

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Why Humanities & Social Sciences

The aim of the studies of humanities and social sciences is to impart, to the youth and each individual, knowledge of the social, political, economic, literary and artistic build of the world they have been living in.

Talking about both the disciplines separately, social sciences aim to connect different individuals in a way that they understand each other’s situation so as to live and prosper together with harmony and happiness, which is especially important in today’s world where globalisation and increasing communications are reducing boundaries such that practically everybody is staying together in one big world and that any misunderstanding can lead to havoc and loss of peace.

Humanities, on the other hands, aims to connect an individual to his/her self through art and, in turn, provide the world an artist who provides a relief from the troubles and tensions of life and helps in gaining peace and internal harmony. Needless to say that such artistic individuals have not only had the most colourful of lives, but have almost always been handsomely rewarded for their work.

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