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BBD University being a strong proponent and torch bearer of educational excellence, has strong alumni spread across various corners of the globe. Over the past decade the University has grown manifold in the aspect of quality education with international exposure. The quality of students graduating from BBD University is marked by their outstanding performances on national and global platforms.

Alumni of any university form its integral part because they leave behind a legacy and a lifelong sense of belonging. BBD University Alumni Team feels proud to connect and recognise the alumni by appreciating them, inviting them for guest lectures, workshops and training sessions which provides plethora of benefits to our current students. A dedicated online alumni portal facilitates strong networking among alumni so that they can connect with each other, share career opportunities, exchange information, learn from each other’s experiences or simply stay in touch. BBD University facilitates networking among alumni by organizing alumni meets and various other related activities. With these, alumni are also assisted in lateral career movement and career development. The university ensures to stay in touch with its exceptional alumni and enjoy a long-lasting relationship with them.

Our Esteemed Alumni

BBDU Alumni Cell


Dr. Anchal Rastogi
School of Management


Dr. Sanjay Singh
School of Hotel Management

Dr. Prabhash Chandra Pathak
School of Computer Application

Dr. Jiji George
BBD College of Dental Sciences

Mr. Neeraj Baiswar
School of Engineering

BBDU Alumni AssociationThe Alumni Association of the University is registered under Society Registration Act 1860. Click here  for details.

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