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The University is a hub of research activities and all research activities is coordinated by Research & Development Cell of the University. The faculties in various Departments and Schools of the University are engaged in research in varied disciplines of science, engineering & technology, humanities and social sciences. We also realize the ever growing need to develop collaborative research with multidisciplinary approach because contemporary researches frequently require access to abundant resources, for which there is great competition. We feel that collaborative research have been very successful in accessing these resources, which in turn enable us to realize the epistemic goals of research more effective. With this view the University has entered into various research organizations such as CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicological Research.

Research Policy 
Research Ethics Policy 
Academic Integrity Policy
Ph.D. Ordinance 2011
Ph.D. Ordinance 2016
Ph.D. Regulations 2023 

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Information about the Ph.D. Degrees awarded by the University during the year 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020

Conference Support

PhD Admission Result: 2023-24 (Even Semester)

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Year Wise List of Candidates Enrolled in Ph.D. Program

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