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Top BCA College in Lucknow, UP

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The School of Computer Applications was established in the year 2010 and is committed to academic excellence, with a special focus on teaching-learning process, research, and holistic development. The School which has gained the reputation to be the best BCA college in UP has a team of highly qualified faculty members with rich experience in research, industry, and academics. The School aims towards imparting practical knowledge to the students for which it has state-of-the-art lab facilities for proper practical exposure.


To foster true professionals who aim only towards going past all the conventions and limitations that have held us back till now!


“To provide an equal opportunity to the young generation for evolving their core competencies for building up their career as a world class business professionals with broad based foundations , in depth knowledge and versatile personality to meet the challenges of global economy”


The curriculum offered in the School is contemporary and is updated regularly to keep pace with the fast changing computing technology and to satisfy the requirements of the industry. The main focus of the School is to continuously improve the quality of the programs offered and to facilitate progress towards excellence in teaching and research.

Bachelors of Computer Applications (BCA) with its avant-garde technology and labs which provide a practical approach and a much deeper subject understanding to compliment the contemporary, still constantly improving, syllabus.

MCA provides students equally feasible options of development or job. Meanwhile, the college provides state of the art labs, field-experienced and highly educated faculties, more than enough material and international opportunities for research and development.

With these words, we would like to invite you to join the School of Computer Applications in BBDU.

Why Computer Applications

Computers are practically taking over the world. First they got to the core of every machine and now they are replacing humans from almost every field. Soon, there won’t be humans to manage, only these computers.

The field of computer applications and its courses are what make the aforementioned possible. The study of computer applications involves the study of working of computers, its operating systems, and mostly teaches individuals languages, mathematical modelling and other means to develop better and advanced computer applications. Not only does it help us to develop far better and more intelligent working systems, but it also increases productivity and reduces effort and, with time, money.

Practically speaking also, the demand for such developers is almost at an all-time high and is steadily increasing, with companies and tech giants willing to pay more and more with each passing year, making this field a very wise choice for a fruitful and eventful career.

Why Engineering

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