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The University has a zero tolerance against plagiarism. The Academic Integrity Policy of the university ensures the prevention of plagiarism in any form. A centralized service for plagiarism check of the thesis is offered in the university through the Central Library. The university uses Drillbit – plagiarism check software provided by INFILIB Centre, an autonomous inter-university centre of University Grants Commission (UGC).

To avail the centralized service from the Central Library, the scholar may submit the soft copy (.pdf format) of the thesis with an application in the prescribed format to the Librarian. After due process the thesis plagiarism check report shall be issued by the Librarian. In case the similarity level is higher than the accepted level, the candidate will be required to submit the thesis again after due corrections/ modifications for the plagiarism report. If the similarity level remains higher than the accepted level in the second report, the candidate will be allowed to apply for the third check only with a report of his/her Research Guide verifying that the plagiarism is within the accepted level.

For other documents such as research papers and other research publications, the faculty members may request the access to the software through email at
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