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  1. To enable the prospective teachers to understand the nature purpose and Philosophy of school Education.
  2. To develop competencies, values, and skills required for becoming and reflective and humane teacher.
  3.  To sensitize them towards the promotion of social cohesion National integration and International understanding.
  4. To enable them to address gender issues and protection of human rights
  5. To prepare them for dynamic leadership.
  6. To empower teachers to cultivate scientific temper among students.
  7. To enable them to utilize community resources as educational inputs.
  8. To develop communication skills, train them to use modern information and communication technology for school purposes.
  9. To train them in conducting action research in an educational situation and to improve the pedagogical practices in their subjects.

Course Details

Bachelor of Education

School Name: School of Education
Duration of Course: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) course shall be a two year full time professional pre service teacher education programme, each year divided in two semesters.
Number of Seats: Total intake of B.Ed. course in the Department of Education, University of BBD shall be 100 or as decided by NCTE from time to time
The Mode of Examination: The mode of examination may vary between sessional and semester system as per the decision of the University.
Eligibility Criteria: Candidates with at least 50 % marks either in the Bachelor’s degree and/or in the Master’s degree in Sciences/ Social Sciences/ Humanities or Bachelor’s in Engineering or Technology with specialization in Science and Mathematics with 55% marks or any other qualification equivalent thereto, are eligible for admission to the programme. The reservation and relaxation for SC/ST/OBC/ PWD and other categories shall be as per the rules of the central government/ state government, whichever is applicable
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Program Outcomes
PO1 Programme Objective: ToSystematize experiences and strengthen the professional competency of PupilTeachers.
PO2 To imbibe the knowledge and develop understandingof various methods and approaches of organizing learning experiences ofSecondary school students.
PO3 To develop skills required in selecting organizinglearning experiences.
PO4 To Understand the nature of the Learner and oflearning process.
PO5 To develop skills involved in dealing with theacademic and personal problems of learners.
PO6 To acquire knowledge and develop understandingabout the various procedures and techniques of evaluation and in theirclassroom application.
PO7 To Develop skills involved in selecting,developing and using evaluation tools.
PO8 Toprovide knowledge and develop understanding about various aspects of schoolmanagement.
PO9 To develop competences for organizing variousinstructional and student support activities.
PO10 To develop an appreciation of the role of theteacher in the prevailing socio-cultural and political content in general andthe educational system in particular.
PO11 Apply Ethical principle and commit to professional ethics andresponsibility and norms of the teachers.
PO12 Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, andhave the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-longlearning in the broadest context of technological change.
Program Specific Outcomes
PSO1 Understand basic concepts and ideas ofeducational theory. Built understanding and prospective on the nature of thelearner diversity and learning. Comprehend the role of the system of Governanceand structural –Functional provisions that support school education.
PSO2 Develop understanding about teaching, pedagogyschool management and community involvement. Built Skills & ability ofcommunication reflection art, aesthetics, theatre, self expression and ICT

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