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BBA (Professional)

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Educational Objectives

The BBA (P) program, in association with CIMA, UK, is an undergraduate programme that aims at providing inputs to the students relevant to business, industry, and trade and works as an advantage to the students by giving them an international perspective. The programme not only aims at providing knowledge and skills in different areas of management and accounting, but also provides inputs necessary for the overall development of the students’ personalities.
Broadly, the programme is three years long, divided across six semesters. The programme structure is designed in such a way that, in addition to management studies, students are prepared to take the CIMA certifications. The papers for CIMA Certifications have been incorporated into the course curriculum in such a way that during the duration of this program, the student can take the CIMA Certification exams for the Certificate in Business Accounting, the Diploma in Management Accounting, and the Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting.
The programme has 23 core papers, 12 generic elective courses placed in the first four semesters, 8 skill enhancement courses placed in the third and fourth semesters, and 12 discipline-specific elective courses placed in the last four semesters. One open elective is included in the sixth semester. The student must select courses from other BBD University schools. In total, thirty-three optional courses have been developed under four sets of course types (GE, SEC, DSE, OE) with the idea of encompassing all possible domains of knowledge and skills, facilitating interface with various sections of society, so that a student can have a wide range of courses to have a better life and lead a meaningful and contented life. Keeping in view the needs of the students, ability enhancement compulsory courses (AECCs) have been designed in a manner that provides relevant knowledge and skills.
The course structure also places an emphasis on field study. The third and fourth semesters of the course require students to take up field study on papers taught during the respective semester.

School Name: School of Management
Course Length: 3 Years
Session Start As per Academic Calendar
Course Type: Full Time
Eligibility Criteria: A minimum aggregate of 55% or equivalent in 10+2 and Mathematics/Business Mathematics as a subject. Relaxation in qualification and reservation is as per UGC and State Govt. norms.
Programme Fee: Rs. 45,000/- Per Semester

Programme Outcomes

PO1 Management Knowledge: Students will acquire adequate understanding about management concepts and principles.
PO2 Business Analysis: Use the business and management knowledge gained to analyse the business problems and come up with viable solutions.
PO3 Communication: To impart knowledge to the students towards Business Communication for effective and Professional business management
PO4 Entrepreneurship: Build the entrepreneurship acumen.
PO5 Individual and Team Work: To inculcate the ability for leading a team and develop group behavior in achievement of individual, group and organizational goals.
PO6 Regulatory Framework: To understand and discuss the broad legal and regulatory framework governing business activities.
PO7 Ethics: To recognize and solve business problems in an ethical manner for continuous development of business venture.
PO8 Technology Orientation: To develop competency in the use of technology in modern organizational operations.
PO9 Conduct Investigations: To stimulate an interest in research and its applications to find solutions for business problems.
PO10 The Business Leader and Society: To provide an environment that challenges the students’ mind through competitive education which emphasizes on inculcating values, thus transforming them into socially responsible managers and business leaders.
PO11 Environment and Sustainability: Understand the relevant issues of environmental concern and sustainable development.
PO12 Life Long Learning: Acquire the ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context socio-technological changes.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1 The program is designed to familiarise students with the finance and accounting operations globally, and also how financial markets work.
PSO2 The program provides, as an integral part, the specific education for students looking for Finance & Management Accounting positions in financial institutions as well as other corporate houses.

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