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Doctoral Programs in Humanities & Social Sciences

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While science and technology is what powers the world towards a future, it is knowledge of social sciences that acts as the wheel which supports and balances the ride into the future. Social science and humanities is the study, understanding, and analysis of our past (from where we come), our present (where we stand) and our future (where are we heading). In a world where technology is breaking both local and global barriers, this study is required to ensure that the lack of barriers and dealt with in the best of manners.

Another aspect of the disciplines under Social sciences, are the forms of arts that have bound the world in euphoric saga since ages. Dance, music, literature, theatre are just a few of the disciplines that have been an integral and indispensable part of our lives. The study and knowledge of these have bound the billions of lives in infinite, unimaginable ways.

Understanding this, Babu Banarasi Das University (BBDU) has its own and independent School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The diverse Doctoral courses that this school offers provide the chance to study both, the study of society and the study of art that binds the society. From training to workshops to extremely organised learning regime, contemporary syllabus, availability of all required resources etc., BBDU makes sure the students whatever is required to their thirst for knowledge and excellence, and perhaps more.

Course Details

School Name: School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Session Start: July
Course Type: Full-Time & Part Time course
Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility criteria and norms are as per UGC Regulations / BBDU Ph.D. Ordinance.
Programme Fee: Rs. 80,000/- Per Year (Full Time)
Rs. 45,000/- Per Year (Full Time)

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