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Team Dramatics

Team Dramatics includes performances like Nukkad Natak, stage play, Skits and many more. This team express the values and ideas of NSS BBD University i.e., social service and social welfare [...]

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Team Fine Arts

Team Fine Arts is a team which works for the decoration and representing their talents of art & craft to spread the idea of social service, welfare of society for which NSS BBD University works

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Team Cultural

Team Cultural includes the cultural performances to spread awareness regarding social service and public welfare during the events of NSS BBD University as well as they participate in other [...]

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Team Eloquents

Team Eloquents is the voice of NSS BBD University, as team eloquents works with all the literary works in NSS BBD University as well as this team is responsible to spread awareness through their [...]

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Team Website

The website team is responsible for managing and updating the web content of the National Service Scheme (NSS) at BBD University’s webpage. They handle updates and uploads related to NSS [...]

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