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It is a great honour for me to welcome you to BBDCODS, an institution that provides a full array of excellent educational opportunities in the dental field- from our undergraduate (BDS) to our post graduate (MDS) and post doctoral research (Ph.D.) programmes.


To train and foster the most career-loyal professionals of tomorrow who will hopefully revolutionize the present methods of this fields and take efficiency to new heights!


“To provide an equal opportunity to the young generation for evolving their core competencies for building up their career as a world class business professionals with broad based foundations , in depth knowledge and versatile personality to meet the challenges of global economy”


We at BBDCODS are committed to continuing and growing upon our rich history of excellence .One of my role as Dean of this illustrious institution is to challenge, encourage and support students and faculty of the college and to push for innovation. New initiatives are on the horizon as we look to broaden educational opportunities for our students through student exchange programmes to foreign universities and research initiatives.

The faculty at BBDCODS are not just educators and clinicians; they are also leaders in developing knowledge and techniques that guide teaching and clinical work. The Institution prides in keeping itself abreast with international standards, quality checks and refurbishes utilizing state of the art equipments. Technological upgrades are constantly being carried out to keep us on par with the latest developments.Today,we are proudly ranked among the best Dental Colleges in India.

Our college has a strong tradition of service. Quality patient care is the backbone of our college. Our community programmes have not only made an impact of the oral health of our local community but also has had a transformational impact on our students’ minds as well.

The core aspiration of BBDCODS is to develop exceptional dentists, specialists and researchers whose academic excellence is matched by compassion, integrity and professionalism. As the Dean of this temple of learning I pledge to continue this legacy of excellence and thank the management for their support.

Why Dental Sciences

When we live in a world where communication and health are both extremely important, how can we live our lives with an unhealthy and practically decaying mouth and have zero knowledge on how to fix it? We can’t.

An unhealthy mouth:

  • Makes life painful;
  • Reduces our confidence;
  • Creates problems and limitations in consuming food;
  • Dulls our appearance;
  • Limits our communication;
  • Renders the limited communication ineffective.

All these problems, and a lot more, are cured by the knowledge imparted to us by dental sciences. Especially when people are getting so lost in their work that they do not even pay heed to their own health, it is the duty of the students of this field to help them by contributing to their healthy and peaceful living.

Also, with the advancement of science and technology, there is scope for a lot of research which can help in the advancement of this science and also make it available to people who still only dream of getting any sort of medical attention.

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