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Placement Process

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For the campus placement, we are pleased to follow the basic steps.


Pre-Placement Talk

Companies will come down to campus to conduct pre-placement talks. These talks will give students an idea about the recruiting organizations and opportunities available within these. It also gives students the chance to interact with employees of the company and learn more about the work culture. Based on these talks, students decide to apply for these organizations.


Submission of Resumes

The willing students submit their resumes to the company after the presentation or to the Placement committee in case the companies wish to have them early prior to their arrival on campus.


Short listing of Candidates

Based on the resumes, their academic records etc. the companies prepare a list of eligible students and inform them advance to the Placement committee.


Campus Recruitment

The companies inform the Placement Committee about the recruitment procedure followed by them, like Group Discussions, Case Studies, Personal Interviews, written test etc. After the selection process, the companies announce the list of selected candidates on the campus itself followed by appointment letters.  Our Placement AND CRC Team glad to consider any other idea to help the recruiter’s to build stronger relations.



  • Student expected to complete his/her degree by June 2017 is eligible for placement
  • Placement support is available to all the students registered/verified/authenticated with the Placement Portal only.


  • Discipline and decorum should be maintained during the Campus Placement Drive.
  • Full College Uniform is compulsory for all Placement related activities.
  • You have to give consent (Interested/Not Interested) to every company for which you are eligible, failing which your placement ID will be blocked and you will not be able to apply in further companies.
  • Once shown Interested in any of the Company, you have to follow the entire selection process and you will not be allowed to withdraw your candidature at any point of time, without any prior information and with a genuine reason. Failing which, you will be barred to appear in further Campus recruitment process.
  • If your Placement ID is blocked more than 2 times, your ID will be permanently deleted from the placement portal presuming that you don’t need placement assistance from the college.
  • Once selected in any company through Campus recruitment, you will not be able to put your candidature for further Companies.
  • The attendance, in regular classes and in the events/activities organized by Training & Placement, may be a criterion for short-listing during recruitment process if demanded by the company.
  • You are solely responsible for the authenticity of your data/credentials. In case of any discrepancy, strict action will be taken, which may also result in cancellation of your candidature at any stage of Placement process.
  • You are also required to check the authenticity of the Company coming for Campus recruitment process.

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