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AAINA-The Cultural Club of BBDU


AAINA of BBD University was convened on 19 August 2014 to serve as a forum for meaningful opportunities to challenge creativity, thinking and embedding team, leadership and social development amongst students. The Forum is based on the need for a more visible and effective integration of extracurricular activities for holistic development of a student. It is not just academics but also extracurricular activities which become building blocks for a student’s personality.

AAINA MOTTO: “Reflect upon your reality.”


  1. Cultural
  2. Technical
  3. Literature
  4. Fine Arts
  5. Management
  6. Discipline
  7. Hospitality
  8. Sponsorship/Finance
  9. Sports

Aims & Goals

  1. To provide a platform for students to showcase their talent.
  2. To give opportunities for students to hone their skills.
  3. To instill a feeling of teamwork and professionalism.
  4. To highlight their time on campus by providing extracurricular activities.
  5. To represent our university at various events.
  6. To help the students develop their individual personalities for future prospects.


The club shall function through its members, office bearers and faculty coordinators under the auspices of Dean Student Welfare of the University. The club membership shall be open to all current students in all academic programs in the University. At the beginning of each semester the office bearer shall propose the activities of the Club for the current semester which can be performed after necessary approvals only.

Functioning of the Club-Core team

Core Team shall be a representative body that manages day to day activates of the clubs and shall be in administrative contact with the University management for the introspection and students membership activation. Only final year students of their respective courses shall be appointed as core team. The core team will consist of General Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Heads. The core team are elected through a selection process of eligible students by competent authorities.

Faculty Coordinator

Name: Dr. S.M.K.Rizvi

Student Coordinator (Girls)

Name: Sagarika Singh

Student Coordinator (Boys)

Name: Siddhant Sengar

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