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Co-curricular events like Creative writing (Topic of Creative Writing: It was a cold night and suddenly…/वो एक सर्द रात थीऔर अचानक) and Debate (Topic of Debate: Should student associations be constituted in professional institutes? /क्या व्यवसायिक शैक्षणिक संस्थाओं में वैधानिक छात्र संगठन होना चाहिए?”) were conducted on 05.05.2022 at School of Pharmacy, BBD University. Enthusiastic participation was witnessed by students of all the semesters of B.Pharm. Winners of the events are as follows:-

Creative Writing

1st Prize: Diwas Agnihotri B. Pharm 1st Year

              Manu Pandey B.Pharm3rd Year

2nd Prize: Manvi Gupta B. Pharm 3rd Year

3rd Prize: Arpita Singh B. Pharm 3nd Year

              Mukteshwar Mshra B. Pharm 3rd Year


         1st Prize: Pankaj Jaisawal B. Pharm 3rd Year

         2nd Prize: Diwas Agnihotri B. Pharm 1st Year

         3rd Prize: Mukteshwar Mishra B. Pharm 3rd Year

                       Abhinoy Saxena B. Pharm 4th Year

The winners of all the events were awarded with a motivational book written by a role model and a certificate.

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