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Department of Prosthodontics of BBD College of Dental Sciences was established in the year 2001. Situated on the first floor of the dental college, it comprises of an undergraduate clinic, postgraduate clinic, seminar room, fully equipped Implant Clinic, preclinical area, preclinical prosthodontic lab and ceramic lab. Our department is fully equipped with state of the art facilities for prosthodontic treatments, research and training.

We Offer

Our Under Graduate (BDS) program starts with the Prosthodontic and Dental material lab and lectures in the very first year of the BDS program and continues till the Fourth year.

Our Postgraduate (MDS) program commenced in the year 2007, with 6 seats, with an aim to impart quality specialized training to the students. MDS students have a curriculum of Lectures, seminars, Preclinical exercise work, Clinical work and research.

Facilities Available

Our department is equipped with state of the art undergraduate clinic, post graduate clinic and ceramic lab. We specialize in-

1. Full mouth rehabilitation
2. Complete Denture
3. Partial Denture
4. Cast Partial Denture
5. Post and Core
6. Metal crowns, Porcelain fused to metal crowns and full ceramic crowns

Special Facilities

1. Dental Implants Surgical Placements and Prosthodontic Rehabilitation
2. Overdentures
3. Precision Attachments
4. Maxillofacial prosthesis and attachments
5. Obturators
6. Implant supported prosthesis

All the procedures are done in the Department by the Post Graduate students themselves.

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