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Department of pedodontics & preventive dentistry was established in the year 2001. Situated on the third floor of the Dental College, it comprises of an undergraduate clinic, postgraduate clinic, preclinical area, minor OT and a specially designed play area for the child patients coming to the department. We render the best of the diagnostic and treatment facilities to the children with every effort made to provide them a friendly environment and instill a positive attitude towards dentistry.

We Offer

Our Under Graduate (BDS) program starts with the preclinical Pedodontics lab to train the budding dentists before they enter the clinics. The third year and final year BDS students are trained through a strict and regular schedule of Lectures and clinical postings, in which they are required to complete the preclinical exercises and clinical work on patients. They are also trained for community health services through treatment camps.

Our Postgraduate (MDS) program commenced in the year 2008, with an admission capacity of 5 seats, is aimed to impart quality specialized training to the students. Along with their curriculum of Lectures, seminars and Preclinical exercise work and Clinical work all the post graduate students actively participate in our school dental health program. They are required to undertake short research projects to enhance their skill under departmental research development programme.

Facilities Available

Our department is equipped with state of the art facilities like the fully equipped and functional Minor OT for minor surgical cases in children and adolescents, RVG and electronic anesthesia. We also provide facilities of chair side conscious sedation for the management of uncooperative children and mentally challenged individuals. We have a specially designed counseling room, equipped with audio-visual aids for the parents and children.

We provide all types of specialized treatment facilities to the children and adolescents (age 0 to 18 years) along with the children with special health care needs.

  • Preventive care for oro-dental diseases such as dental caries, Orthodontic problems, Dento-alveolar trauma and sports injury.
  • Prevention and treatment of oro-dental diseases in patients with special health care needs.
  • Myofunctional therapy and limited corrective orthodontics.
  • Surgical treatment of oral diseases.
  • Management of Dento-alveolar trauma.
  • Rehabilitation of cleft lip and palate children.
  • Management of Dental caries by latest restorative and endodontic materials and techniques.
  • Management of harmful oral habits.

Special Facilities

  1. Fully equipped Minor OT
  2. Facility of management under general anesthesia in major OT
  3. Facility available for fabrication of cast metal & ceramic crowns & Bridges

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