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About The School

The School is an integral part of BBD University holding reputation for being the best college in North region in the field of Architects, Planners & Interior Designers.

The College was flourished in the form of ‘Department of Architecture’, in BBDNITM, Lucknow in the year 1999 and affiliated to UP Technical University which furthermore changed into School of Architecture in session 2011-2018, and now become ‘School of Architecture & Planning’, BBD University since session 2018-2019. The School is providing unmatched services in field of Architecture, Planning & Designing hereby making the school most preferred destination for grasping knowledge and skill enhancement.

The School holds full-time, part time academic courses and awards degrees at both Under Graduate as well as Post Graduate Level in Courses of Architecture, Planning and Interior Design.

In an era of smart cities, sustainable buildings and contemporary interiors, School of Architecture & Planning nourishes the beginners to become, Professionals, entrepreneur, researchers and creators by focusing on critical design approach.

Over the several years, the School has worked hard to give aesthetic world, designed with latest creations and innovations by our Potential Planners, Architects and Interior designers making it a enduring place to live.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between Planning, Design, Creation and Innovations by nurturing the young generation with education to change the face of our world’s tomorrow and that too for the best.

Our Mission

To provide an equal opportunity to the young generation for evolving their core competencies for building up their career as a world class business professional with broad based foundations, in depth knowledge and versatile personality to meet the challenges of global economy.


The School believes that meaningful resolutions for contradictions and complexities can be arrived through the process of learning and doing. Development of skill related to Planning, & Designing is encouraged by the students with basic communication skills, leading to the development of creativity, imagination and Research.

Learning environment is created by merging design studios, workshops, site surveys, city planning exercises that could expand novel design solutions both ethnically and technically feasible as per public and environmental requisites.

“Space is Breath of Art” – Frank Lloyd Wright 

The school has a base-model of integrated education that addresses many critical and sensitive contemporary issues of sustenance prevailing around the entire globe. We owe much to the diversity, complexity and social philosophy that has been our treasures and to remain so time and again for our future generations.

We have means to foster education concepts that stimulate the imagining power of the students to allow one to question their thoughts in multiplicity, seeking guidance from the experienced and highly qualified faculty members, researchers, professors, experts from field and also from the society as a whole.

Why Architecture

Architecture is more than science, the art of expressing & Planning thoughts, ambitions, desire, and much more through (usually grand and/or colossal) structures that stand apart. The science is the study of this art and its ways. Architecture is the reason why we have such a beautifully planned and settled world at our disposal. Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but first it was in the mind of an Architect, this how it goes.

But with the world population increasing at an alarming rate even after already being at such a huge number, and the space for habitation thus decreasing, there is dire, almost distressing, need and requirement for not just good, but excellent, knowledgeable and extremely devoted architects& planners.

Good architecture at present can:

  • Save the world from an enormous space crunch;
  • Add a lot of beauty to our already beautiful world;
  • Help to save the environment; and most importantly,
  • Will help to provide shelter a lot of homeless and needy with the already existing resources.
architecture bbdu


Why the school of Architecture under BBDU is considered to the best in India?

A: The school of Architecture under Babu Banarasi Das University (BBDU) is one of the top colleges in Lucknow. This college was established in 1999 and it comes up with 5 years degree course in Architecture which is affiliated under Uttar Pradesh Technical University as well as the Council of Architecture. When it comes to ranking this college hold one of the top positions in Lucknow. This college has several highly experienced and talented faculties which makes the college the best B.Arch College in Lucknow.

What are the eligibility criteria for taking admission in full time 5 years B. Arch program in BBDU?

A: For taking admission in 5 years B. Arch program in BBDU student need to pass 10+2 examination with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in 50% and they have to qualify Aptitude Test in Architecture. This is the best B.Arch College in UP and if you want to pursue a carrier in this field then don’t miss this opportunity to take u admission in this course. 

Which top companies provide placement to the students of the school of Architecture under BBDU?

A: The school of Architecture and Planning under BBDU is one of the Top B.Arch College in Lucknow and every year top companies like Adani, Mahindra, Wiztech, Sanskaar Properties, etc. come to this college of Architecture and Planning for recruiting the candidates. Thus students of this college can easily get a job in top companies of India through campus placement provided they must secure good marks in their exam and qualify the interview.

What course can you pursue after completing graduation in Architecture and Planning under BBDU?

A: You can pursue a Master in Architecture and Planning from this Top B.Arch College in UP once you complete your bachelor’s degree from this college. There are several other demanding course curriculums available here. 

Our Top Recruiters

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