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Type of event                         WORKSHOP

Topic:                                    “TRICKY C”

Speaker:                                 Mr. Brijesh Mishra, STPI Ltd.

Organised by:                       Computer Science & Engineering Department

Date:                                        9th April 2019 & 10th April 2019

Attended By:                         2nd year (CSE)

Venue:                                    Room No. 514 Main Building, BBD University


 Description: A Workshop was organized by Computer Science & Engineering, SOE, BBD University on Tuesday & Wednesday, dated 9th, 10th April 2019 on Topic TRICKY C. The Workshop has covered several important topic of C language under which they has lighten student s on introduction to C after which on the same day(day one) they covered the input & output function used in C, how to handle a file in C & important concept related to string.

On day two they taught student about the concept of modular programming with the help of functions. They also covered very important concept of array & structures. On the same day on finishing they told about some designing techniques like HTML & CSS.