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Type of event:                        Guest Lecture

Topic:                                     “3-D Image Processing”

Speaker:                                 Dr. Shailendra Singh

Organised by:                        Electronics and Communication Engineering

Date:                                       4th April 2019

Attended By:                         3rd Year, 4th year and M.Tech students of Electronics                                  and Communication Engineering

3rd Year & 4th year students of Electrical Engineering

Venue:                                    Room No. 514 Main Building, BBD University


A Guest lecture was organized by Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, SOE, BBD University on Thursday, dated 4/4/2019 based on Topic: “3-D Image Processing”. The Guest Lecture was delivered by Dr. Shailendra Singh, Associate Prof. Integral University, Lucknow.


Guest Lecture focused on image processing and pattern recognition for extracting data from image or visual project. Algorithms regarding 3 D images and their software were discussed. The lecture elaborated three major operations: enhancement, segmentation and blur.  The essence of an image is a projection from a 3D scene onto a 2D plane, during which process the depth is lost. The 3D point corresponding to a specific image point is constrained to be on the line of sight. From a single image, it is impossible to determine which point on this line corresponds to the image point. If two images are available, then the position of a 3D point can be found as the intersection of the two projection rays. Depth determination serves as the most challenging part in the whole process, as it calculates the 3D component missing from any given image. In recent decades, there is an important demand for 3D content for computer graphicsvirtual reality and communication, triggering a change in emphasis for the requirements.


The topics covered in this guest lecture are as follows:


3 D Image and Video Processing

  1. Image enhancement
  2. Color composite images
  3. RGB color formations
  4. Histeq, Imadjust and Adaphisteq
  5. Segmentation
  6. Blur Deconvolution
  7. Depth determination
  8. Autocalibration


The welcome speech to the dignitary and students was delivered by Mr. Alok Kumar Dwivedi, student of 4th year of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BBD University. At last vote of thanks was also given by Dr. Nitin Jain, Head of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BBD University.



Ashutosh Rastogi, Asst Prof., Dept. of Electronics and Comm. Engg.  BBD University, Lucknow

Ankit Dalela, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Electronics and Comm. Engg.BBD University, Lucknow