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“It is our knowledge about ourselves, that gives us a sense of humanity”.

The knowledge understanding of our social, political and economical, situations and relations is very crucial in order to sustain peace and prosperity unhurt. But what is its use if it remains canned or worse if it is used in a harmful way?

We live in a world where communication is of the essence and getting information to the masses in a correct manner is one of the most important sort of communication. Specially in this era of social networking, though getting such information conveyed has become a lot easier, but getting it conveyed the right and honest way has become that much more difficult.

Understanding this, Babu Banarasi Das University (BBDU) has its own and independent School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Master’s course here aims at making the students comfortable with the practicality of the responsibility that they would be taking over and pushing them towards making the world a figuratively cleaner and better place to be in!

Students are encouraged to stretch beyond the conventional business school program, excel in the fast-paced global economy, solve problems creatively and build consensus across diverse groups.

Course Details

M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)

School Name: School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Course Length: 2 Years
Session Start August
Course Type: Full Time
Eligibility Criteria: A Minimum aggregate of 50% in graduation or equivalent CGPA/OGPA. Relaxation in qualification shall be as per UGC/State Govt. norms.
Program Fee: Rs 45,000 /- Per Semester
Syllabus Click here to Download
Program Outcomes
PO1 SubjectKnowledge: Knowledge of communication concept and theories. Developing knowledgeof different scopes of communication, chronological perspectives and otherrelated areas of media studies.
PO2 MediaImportance and Roles: The existence of media in democratic society,importance of constitutional freedom of press and impact of media is contextof General Knowledge and Current Affairs.
PO3 Trainedand Industry-ready Professionals: Reinforcingthe capabilities of a novice media aspirant by skill development, acquirementof knowledge of the present scenario of the industry standards includingadvertising, print media, television production, film making, publicrelations, social media management, desktop publishing, corporatecommunication, fashion communication, media management and many more.
PO4 Industry ready communication: Persuasive andeffectual communication aptitude to conceptualize ideas and share thoughts,meaningful visualization of concepts and pragmatic proficiencies ofcommunication in its various outlooks like verbal and non-verbal communication.
PO5 Technological Professionalism: CertifiedCompetence to practice various communication technologies and capability to professionally inherit techniques to use varioussoftware for mediacontent creation, usinghigh end editingfor various forms ofbroadcasting and printing platforms.
PO6 Research-relatedSkills: An academic temper of inquest and exploration for nurturing relevantand contemporary unanswered research questions in context to areas of mediaresearch with skill of problem solving.
PO7 Moral Values andEthics: As a media aspirant, one has to apprehend theprominence of virtuous and moral valuesand its applicability in professional life. Learner to be consciouslytransformed into ultimate learner and consistently revise with contemporaryknowledge updated skills and technological developments throughout the life time.
PO8 LeadershipSkills and Managerial Qualities: To buildlearners fluent in numerous aspects of management being leaders. Producingthe ability & boosting the qualities to be an effective leader.Enlightening key features in students to be idealistic leaders who shallstimulate the team to be progressive
PO9 Logical Thinking and Critical Analysis: To instigatepower of Analytical reasoning and Reflective thinking with broadminded language productivity. The capacity to work critically well with out of the box, industry oriented reflectivephilosophy along with the talent to generate the intellect of cognizance ofthe society.
PO10 Social Responsibility: Creating amindset for uplifting oneself by socially driven ideas and concepts.Communication skills inspired for the welfare of the society by making agroup, encouraging and instigating the team members to work up withcooperation to their utmost efficiency for social existence.
PO11 Personality Development: Grooming ofone’s personality by eradicating the complexes within one’s lookout towardsmedia. Discoursing on one’s own learning needs relating to recent andevolving areas of study, adapting the use of research, development andproficient materials including those related to new gateways of knowledge.
PO12 Creative Freedom: Provide liberty to thinkcreatively beyond the boundaries as skill development for one’s disciplinary knowledge. Promotetransferable skills to innovative frameworks identifying complications and issues and seek solutions to realistic glitches.
Program Specific Outcomes
PSO1 Shall determine course associated specific thoughtful understandingin the field of communication and purpose of communication at the distinctivelevel, group, and public level by imbibing professional skills in thecommunication medium line Print, Electronic and Web thus fulfillingspecializations electives undertaken for the study.
PSO2 Employ thehypothetical media perceptions wherever and whenever required in the courseof work in the Industry, observe logical concerns in all capacities of media, developa sense of sequencing thoughts from latest events,literature and recent trends. adhere with media ethics, laws andvalues, Concentrating towards Media Entrepreneurship for all sorts of contentcreation for the awareness of the masses.

PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communications

School Name: School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Course Length: 1 Years
Session Start August
Course Type: Full Time
Eligibility Criteria: A Minimum aggregate of 50% in graduation or equivalent from a recognized university. Relaxation in qualification and reservation is as per UGC and State Govt. norms.
Program Fee: Rs 40,000 /- Per Semester

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