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M. Sc. – Computer Science

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Educational Objectives

The computer has always been seen as one of the ground-breaking inventions in counted human time. Since the start, it cleared that hysteria that it is something which is going to snatch jobs but providing a new way of life and employing thousands of individuals, who wanted to keep themselves elevated with upgrading time. Computer science has found its importance in every possible sector of business and has been providing the greatest number of employments. From the production line to an IT firm every place needs a computer science expert.

The curriculum for M.Sc. Computer Science at BBDU provides a multi-disciplinary course of action, which not just brush up the basics previously studied but provides application-based in-depth learning of the course. The course structure provides several crafty and innovative solution to day to day objectives curated by society.

The steep growth in the use of technology in the economy has demanded many computer laureates, and BBDU takes pride in saying that it has always facilitated the society with technically sound and creative computer learned. An application-based study has helped us with nurturing and polishing industry-ready individuals and has always fulfilled the demands of the system. Thus, BBDU, the best college for Master in Science in Lucknow, continues to fulfil the following educational objectives:

  • Theoretical classes under the orchestration of highly educated and experienced faculties from the industry.
  • Practical implantation of theoretical knowledge through state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops.
  • Application-based experiences and problem-solving skill development through mandatory training or/and projects.
  • Garnering depth knowledge of subjects with the help of a vast number of available books, international e-journals, research and scientific papers etc.

 Career opportunities

With more technical advancements day by day and a computer-operated surrounding have asked for a larger number of technically creative and progressive individuals, who can find a pragmatic approach towards problems faced and could behold an optimistic approach towards needs of the system and surrounding. Here at BBDU, we have always excelled in mentoring some of the brightest and integrated minds of their time, who have been to an enormous number of sectors and have outperformed everyone, so, we are presenting you with some of the career opportunities for a computer science student:

  • Software Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Computer System Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Network Architect

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  • Artificial Lab
  • Programming Lab
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Network Simulation Lab
  • Information Security Lab

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