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M. Tech – Hydraulics & Water Resources

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Educational Objectives

Water has been one of the most essential resources for the survival and growth of mankind since time immemorial. So much was the importance of water that every civilization began near or around a water source.

Today, the management of water as a resource is so important that a highly academic degree like engineering has discipline, in higher studies, dedicated to the cause of water resource management, at BBDU which is the best M.Tech college in Lucknow.

Basically, Hydraulics & Water Resource Engineering deals comprehensively with the distribution systems of water, engineering of water channels and supply of water, ground water management, waste water management, flood prevention engineering, and study of hydraulic mechanisms and related technology. One must understand of this study, especially in an agriculturally-inclined developing nation like ours, where proper distribution and regular supply of water can do wonders for the advancement of the nation.

Keeping this fact in mind, the Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering college in Lucknow like BBDU has always maintained and completed a few objectives to make sure all its Water Resource Engineers are capable and dependable. These objectives are:

  • Being theoretically, and conceptually, well-versed and educated
  • Having practical knowledge of all theoretical principles and ideas
  • Being trained and experienced in real-time situations through internships, research and projects
  • Being at par with all the developments taking place around the globe

Opportunities For Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineers

Let’s have a look at the following points:

  1. On one hand, industrialization is increasing, and on the other hand, pollution is increasing, both furthering the need for waste water management.
  2. Water resources are depleting, especially reserves like ground water. This calls for experts on water conservation, storing and distribution around the globe.
  3. Our country is surrounded by water on three sides and still faces issues like water distribution, with many places still facing problems like water shortage.
  4. Development in hydraulic mechanisms can help a lot with the various existing technologies for water resource management.

These few points alone showcase need for capable Hydraulics & Water Resource Engineers, with equal opportunities in terms of jobs and research.

A few jobs offered to them are:

  • Water Resource Engineer
  • Design Manager
  • Research Associate
  • Water Modeller
  • Inspecting Officer
  • Technical expert/Consultant



  • Surveying Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Engineering Geology Lab
  • Civil Engineering Material Lab
  • Quantity Survey & Estimation Lab
  • Civil Engineering Drawing Lab
  • Geoinformatics Lab
  • Hydraulic Machine Lab
  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Cad Lab
  • Cad Lab 1
  • Cad Lab 2
  • Transportation Engineering Lab
  • Structural Detailing Lab
  • Air & Noise Pollution Lab
  • Concrete Structure Lab
  • Traffic Survey & Analysis Lab
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment Lab

Old Syllabus

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