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Educational Objectives

Environmental engineering aims at improving the quality of, and safeguarding, human lives by curing and preventing various environmental issues.

M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering is amongst the most well-planned courses at BBDU (best Environmental Engineering college in Lucknow). The demand for capable and dedicated Environmental Engineers in our country has been steadily rising in the past decade, mostly with the advancement of the industrial age on one hand and the need for conservation of the environment on the other.

M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering at BBDU is an in-depth learning and understanding of the pollution water treatment cycles, air and noise pollution, solid waste management systems etc. While the knowledge of all this is very important, equally important is the will and ability to apply such knowledge as per the demand of the situation. Thus, BBDU, the best M.Tech college in Lucknow, continues to fulfill the following educational objectives:

  • In-depth theoretical learning in classes under the tutelage of highly learned and experienced teachers
  • Practical understanding through state-of-the-art technology in labs under the guidance of specially trained teachers
  • Application and problem-solving skill development through mandatory trainings or/and projects
  • Accumulating deeper understanding of subjects from a vast number of available books, international e-journals, research and scientific papers etc

Opportunities For Environmental Engineers

The population of the human race will continue to increase, and with this increasing population, two things are bound to happen simultaneously:

  1. The pollution caused by the human population will increase proportionately with the increase in the human population
  2. The pollution caused in order to meet the increasing demands of this increasing population, increases with its size (setting up of factories, increase in production, increase in wastes and other pollutants, and so on).

Thus, the role of Environmentalists is only going to increase in the coming years and, in turn, the jobs and similar opportunities with justifiable monetary remunerations will tend to increase too.

Some of the jobs offered to candidates, in terms of both research and regular jobs, who complete this course successfully are:

  • Environmental Engineer/Officer
  • Research Assistant/Scholar
  • Health Inspector
  • Health & Safety Engineer
  • PWD engineers
  • Sanitation Officer
  • Water treatment Officer



  • Surveying Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Engineering Geology Lab
  • Civil Engineering Material Lab
  • Quantity Survey & Estimation Lab
  • Civil Engineering Drawing Lab
  • Geoinformatics Lab
  • Hydraulic Machine Lab
  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Cad Lab
  • Cad Lab 1
  • Cad Lab 2
  • Transportation Engineering Lab
  • Structural Detailing Lab
  • Air & Noise Pollution Lab
  • Concrete Structure Lab
  • Traffic Survey & Analysis Lab
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment Lab

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