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M. Tech – Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

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Educational Objectives

We are living in very advanced times, and even if we remove the scope of immense competition because of this extremely large world population, we still are left with either trying to sustain the level of development we have already made or we grow as a race and continue advancing with increasing knowledge. Understanding that the latter is the only choice, BBDU which is the best M.Tech college in Lucknow, has been offering an M.Tech in the most vital engineering division of CAD/CAM.

As technologies have advanced, we, humans, and our machines have evolved and become more sophisticated. As a result, with our growth, the intricacies related to the design of such machines and equipments increase (from a simple pen to a whole jet). Thus, to deal with such levels of increasing complexity, we need courses like the M.Tech in CAD/CAM in Lucknow.

The educational objectives of this course at BBDU are:

  • Thorough, and logical, learning of the concepts related to CAD & CAM
  • Hands-on learning of the techniques and tricks taught in the course
  • Real-time learning and application via compulsory training and/or project
  • In-depth learning via international e-journals and research papers

Opportunities For CAD/CAM Engineers

Research & Job perspective: We have all witnessed that in today’s consumer market, irrespective of the division/use of the good, no product can stay much longer either without facing competition or without being replaced by the parent company with a better product. For such regular advancements, continuous research is being carried out by design engineers who make this possible.

Purely Job perspective: For those who do not wish to move ahead in research, companies from almost every sector offer jobs which involve mostly keeping the production on track and complete tests etc.

Positions offered post M.Tech. in CAD/CAM:

  • Design Engineer
  • R&D Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Architectural Designer
  • Design Technician
  • Research Scholar
  • Surveyor



  • Production Laboratory
  • Design Laboratory
  • Materials Testing Laboratory
  • Thermal and Fluid Laboratory
  • Basic Workshop
  • Mesurement & Metrology Lab
  • Experimental Stress Analysis Laboratory

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