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Industrial Visit to LMRC, Lucknow

School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering

BBD University, Lucknow

Date:8thMay 2019

Time: 10:00 am –4:00 pm

Venue:LMRC Transport Nagar Metro Depot, Lucknow.

Type of Event:

Industrial Visit (LMRC, Transport Nagar Depot, Lucknow.)

 Contact Person:

Mr. Prashant Kumar Dubey

(Principle Trainee Manager,LMRC, Lucknow)

 Company:LMRC, Transport Nagar Depot, Lucknow.

 Students Visited:

On 8thMay 2019 with B.Tech 2nd and 3rd year(52student)

Faculty Visited:

Mr. Sunil Kumar,AssociateProfessor

Mr. Mayank Maheswari, Assistant Professor

Mr. Amrit Anand Dosar, Assistant Professor

Mr. Prem Pratap Singh Jadon, Assistant Professor

 Organized By:

Mechanical Engineering Department,School of Engineering, BBD University

Brief Summary of the Event:

An Industrial Visit to Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation was organized forB.Tech 2nd and 3rd year-students of Mechanical Engineering Department, School of Engineering,BBD University. Students had visited Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation, Lucknow on 8thMay 2019. The visit was a part of their industrial visit program which the college has arranged as a part of Industrial Exposure Program.

The students were welcomed by Mr. Prashant kumar Dubey from Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation, Lucknow. Mr. Prashant kumar Dubey gave a brief introduction about electric engines part. He narrated briefly how the engine works and how many bogies were being used. He explained about the working of the metro trains, and the gauges being used, the trips that a train has been scheduled. He explained the routine checkup of metro, the metro runs on the 25kV power with a average speed of 80km/h. He briefly explained the control room its nervous system, braking and speed system.Lucknow metro used the latest communication Technology (Communication Based Train Control System). The main objective behind this visit was to make student aware about how the engine works, various services available and job opportunities.

Industrial visit to Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation was a highly appreciated by students who find it full of knowledge. Students got to know working methodology of these types of workshops and also got to know how the people are working. Students gained valuable industrial exposure on this trip.

We are thankful to Mr. Sushil Kumar, Director (Operation), LMRC, Lucknow for his kind help and support from his busy schedule. I also want to thank all who are directly or indirectly involve in making this tour a success.