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Envision, the E- cell founded by MBA students of School of Management, BBD University hosted a guest lecture on 31st January 2019 on “Entrepreneurship”. It was delivered by Mr. Sharad Mishra– an IIFT Alumnus, CAT Trainer and Founder of CATapult Classes.

Mr. Sharad shared some interesting points with the management students about the traits an entrepreneur imbibes in his/her personality. He emphasized that it is the courage to take risk despite all odds that derives an entrepreneur to chart unknown territories and face failure with all might & teething grit. He also encouraged students to first have belief in themselves and their ideas and having people around who they could turn on for advice and reflection. Further, an entrepreneur dreams big and is quick to act on his ideas, was another point that he stressed upon.

The session provided a platform for helping young minds develop an entrepreneurial mindset and a chance to interact and hear from the successful entrepreneur himself. It was attended by all post-graduate management students and faculty members.