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Day 1 :- 15-02-2019 Session 1.
Digital marketing: 10:30am-1:00pm.
Speaker: Harshit Gupta (Founder of NSDM)

Students of School of Management attended the E-SUMMIT 2019 organized by IIM Lucknow on 15th to 16th February, 2019. The speaker started by the words, “Speed beats perfection”. He gave an overview of digital marketing, what it is all about and how does it help in old school marketing. The importance of digital marketing in new era. The key areas that Mr Gupta touched upon were Mobile first strategy, Content Marketing, AR/Vr, crypto visual search, personalization, marketing automation and many more crucial topics related to digital marketing.

The session brought light upon an emerging era which is yet to come under terms of digital marketing and how we could sow the seed for so. The session were extremely helpful in many gateways.

Session 2
Business Model: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Speaker: Salil Agarwal (Professor at IIM Prayagraj)

A very renounced speaker Mr Salil Agarwal says ” think small be focused”. This session was mainly to shed light upon a business model how to develop a business model. The difference between a business plan and a business model. The speaker talked about how to create customer value by delivering best quality products/services. Topics that the speaker touched upon were value proposition, customer segmentation, customer relation, cost structure and many more related to development of a business model. These were extremely helpful for upcoming entrepreneurs, and give a right direction to move forward.

The IIM E-Cell meet was very enlightening. The speakers were very profound. At the end it was a great experience.

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