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Type of event:                       Industrial Visit

Venue:                                    Water Treatment Plant JalkalVibhag, Aaishbaag, Lucknow

Organised by:                       Civil Engineering Department, BBD University

Date:                                       15thOctober 2019

Attended By:                         3rd Year B.Tech(CE)


An Industrial Visit was organized by The Department of Civil Engineering, SOE, BBD University on Wednesday, dated 15/10/2019 to the Water Treatment Plant JalkalVibhag, Aaishbaag, Lucknow.


The visit aimed to give an exposure tothe Industrial understanding & methodology to the students. At Water Treatment Plant JalkalVibhag, Aaishbaag, Lucknow students were exposed to the working process of the plant and each unit and its function were briefly explained to them. The units covered by the team were as follows:


  • Water Inlet Chamber/ Wier
  • Sedimentation Tank
  • Coagulation & Flocculation Process
  • Slow Sand Filter units
  • Rapid Sand Filter Units
  • Chlorination tank

Each unit, its Function, application, and the working were explained by the organizational team.

Various parameters, design criteria, permissible limits related to the treatment plant was discussed with the students. Safety measures for both engineers and other workers were highlight of the visit.



Mr. Faheem Ahmad Khan, Assistant Professor, BBD University, Lucknow

Mr. Bilal Siddiqui, Assistant Professor, BBD University, Lucknow

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