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Educational Objectives

When we simply talk of Logistics it can be referred to the transportation of goods, and logistics has always been a subset of supply chain management, which appertain to efficient inflow, outflow, service, management and related information between the point of origin and consumption. Logistics and Supply chain Management combines to irradiate the flaws in between the process of consumption and origin with the help of manpower and technical advancements.

The fabrication of this course strengthens and individual in a way, which helps them manage the team they are working with and enhance the productivity of the whole process, ensuring personal growth as well. Application-based study structure enriches the students to become a go-getter.

Globalisation and increasing purchasing power parity of individuals have given the whole framework many job opportunities as well as the enormous requirement for technical soundness. To stay in par with the environment BBDU has tried to establish an education system which makes students more creative, enriched and industry-friendly individuals. Being the best college in management, BBDU caters to several educational objectives:

  • Theoretical classes under the orchestration of highly educated and experienced faculties from the industry.
  • Practical implantation of theoretical knowledge through state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops.
  • Application-based experiences and problem-solving skill development through mandatory training or/and projects.
  • Garnering depth knowledge of subjects with the help of a vast number of available books, international e-journals, research and scientific papers etc.

 Career opportunities

Increase in demand and supply of the goods and services has created a lot of career opportunities and has been asking for many well informed and technically cultivated individuals, and we at BBDU has been catering to the demands of society by keeping up with the demands of the industry by educating and nurturing a generation of individuals, who have done extremely well in many of fields and services. We have tried to enlist some of the career opportunities after getting graduated from BBDU in BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management:

  • Logistics Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Consultant
  • Assistant Manager
  • Analyst

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