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B. Tech – Mechanical Engineering

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Educational Objectives

BBDU, the best B.Tech College in Lucknow, has been favouring Mechanical Engineering as a stream all this while. But why?

Mechanical engineering (ME), the source and father of all engineering, has to be the most primary form of engineering we humans ever knew of. And today, as we have gone past so many barriers and have reached an era with surreal technological advancements, Mechanical Engineering has achieved a glorious position, producing top of the line engineers around the globe. The main advantage of being a mechanical engineer is that they have to be a part of all engineering processes like production, equipment, maintenance, etc.

With this fact, also comes the huge demand for quality mechanical engineers, and thus BBDU, the top Mechanical Engineering college in Lucknow, tries to meet this demand by providing the country with the best mechanical engineers, who:

  • Have an elaborate and deep understanding of all pertinent engineering principles;
  • Have a sound knowledge regarding the proper, and safe, practical application of these principles;
  • Have a sense of moral duty and debt towards the country, and the world;
  • Have a thirst for advancing the technical facilities with time to bring about a whole new era.

Opportunities For Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers have many opportunities and work in every type of industry, in jobs ranging from research and development to manufacturing and operations. Mechanical engineers also work in product design, procurement, technical sales, and management.

Most mechanical engineers work for private companies or consultancies across a broad range of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Building and construction
  • Building services
  • Product development
  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Water and waste water
  • Aviation, boat building and transport


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Engineering Courses


  • Production Laboratory
  • Design Laboratory
  • Materials Testing Laboratory
  • Thermal and Fluid Laboratory
  • Basic Workshop
  • Mesurement & Metrology Lab
  • Experimental Stress Analysis Laboratory

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