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Career Opportunities

The degree offers a wide range of career opportunities in Higher Studies (M.Pharm./M.S./M.B.A./M.Tech. etc.), Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing, Pharmaceutical Production, Quality Assurance / Quality Control, Regulatory affairs, Government jobs like Drug Inspector / Govt. Analyst, Entrepreneurship/self employment opportunities are also there in retail/ wholesale pharmacy counter. As the nature of industrial pharmaceutical research becomes more sophisticated, researchers with strong scientific backgrounds compete more effectively for management positions. Graduates interested in providing guidance to future researchers, while directing their own research programs, may opt for careers in academia. Pharmacy program in academic institutions are expanding and are constantly seeking able teaching and research faculty. They can build their career as a toxicologist, immunologist, clinical research associates, medical writer, pharmacologist, pharmacognosist, career in academics, R&D sections in pharmaceutical industries. They are hired within the central and state government depts. There are also employment opportunities with the cosmetic industries or within any other industry that requires the assurance that new products are as safe and effective as possible.