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School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Department of Humanities offers a rich Doctoral program (Full Time & Part Time) in English, Sociology and Psychology.

Area of Research: Postcolonial Writing, Diaspora Studies, Feminism and Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Translation Studies, Formalism and Deconstruction, Indian Literature

Research Publications

Dr. Bishun Kumar
  • Published a paper entitled "Dalit Writing versus Non-Dalit Writing" in Labyrinth: An International Refereed Journal. ISSN No 0976-0814, in 2011 Volume 2, No. 2
  • Published a paper entitled "Longing and Alienation" in the Diasporas in IJML (International Journal of Multicultural Literature) ISSN NO. 2231-6248 in Vol 2, No. 2.
  • Published a paper entitled "Contemporary Feministic Echoes in Anand's Novels" in International Journal of Literature Culture and Media Studies. ISSN NO. 0974-7192. Online on Inflibnet in Volume 3, No.5, 6
  • Published a paper entitled "Feministic Undertones and Overtones in Anand's Novels" in Labyrinth: An International Refereed Journal. ISSN No 0976-0814 Volume2, No.4.
  • Published a paper entitled "Female Feminists versus Male Feminists" in The English Research Express ISSN: 2321-1164 (Online); 2347-2642 (Print) in Feb, 2014.
  • A Paper entitled "Decolonizing the Indian Theatre" in Language in India: An International Journal of English Language and Literature, ISSN 1930-2940 Volume 14:4 April, 2014.
  • A Paper entitled "Cultural Study of Naipaul's The Masque of Africa" in IJML (International Journal of Multicultural Literature). ISSN NO. 2231-6248.
Dr. Archana Durgesh Verma
  • Philip Larkin as a Novelist to Poet. (Literary Perspectives, 2005, pp. 1-2)
  • The Movement – A Brief Introduction with Special Reference to Thom Gunn. (Ruminations, 2014)
  • The Theme of 'Power and Truth' with reference to the works of Michel Foucault. (Literary Perspectives, 2005)
  • Image of Women in the Poetry of Philip Larkin. (Replica, 2013)
  • 'Confinement' with Special Reference to Foucault's Madness and Civilization. (Glimpses, Vol.1, No.2, December, 2012, pp. 94-99)
  • Treatment of Woman in the Works of Margaret Atwood with Special Reference to Surfacing. (The Journal of Research Studies, 2007, pp. 5-12)
  • Arundhati Roy's Ammu stuck between the sacred Institutions of Patriarchy – Marriage and Family (published in a Seminar Proceeding, pp. 164-168)
  • A Critical Study of Salman Rushdie's Novel Midnight's Children. (Replica, 2008, pp. 50-55)
  • Food as a metaphor in Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of the Maladies. (The Journal of Research Studies, Vol. IV, No. 4, June 2007)
  • Taslima Nasreen as a feminist with special reference to Lajja. (Paper presented at the International conference).
  • Relationship of Sai and Gyan in Kiran Desai's Inheritance of Loss. (Replica, 2008, pp.41-47)
  • Disillusionment in Girish Karnad's play – Tughlaq (earlier version). (Replica, 2008, Vol. VIII. June.)
  • Identity Crisis in Girish Karnad's play – Hayavadana (earlier version). (Replica, Vol. XI, Issue No. 2/3, July/Sep. 2008, pp. 44-48)
  • Use of Women as a source of Revenge with special reference to Taslima Nasreen's controversial novel Lajja. (Marginalized, 2009)
  • Laga Chunari Mein Daag. A Saga of a Tough Journey (Film Studies) (Marginalized, 2009)
  • The Selfless Woman O-Lan in Pearl S. Buck's novel - The Good Earth. Published on line-(www.kamlakarnik.com/cyberlit/index.html)
  • Role of Technical Communication: A First hand Classroom Teaching. (A BOOK ENTITLED - ELT: TODAY AND TOMORROW)
  • A Woman's Plight: Provoked. (Film Studies) Published on line-(Poetry First, 2009)
  • Decolonizing Culture: A Study of the Theme of Post-Colonial Women's Text. (Literary Perspectives, 2005, pp. 1-3)
  • Theme of 'Conflict' in Chinua Achebe's A Man of the People. (Literary Perspectives, 2005, pp. 1-2)
  • Provoked: True story of a Battered Wife's Revenge. (Nagraj, 2013)
  • Till Deaths Do Us Apart. (Poets for peace, vol.2) CANADIAN COLLECTION.
  • My Son. (Ruminations, Vol. 2 No.2, 2012, p. 65)
  • Pain. (Ruminations, Vol. 1 No.1, 2011, p. 144)
  • A Letter to my Son. (Ruminations, Vol. 2 No.2, 2012, p. 65)
  • A Woman's struggle in Manmade world with special reference to Manju Kapur's Difficult Daughters. (Glimpses, Vol.1, No.1, Dec. 2010-2011)
  • Portrayal of different forms of love in Toni Morrison's Love. (Ruminations, Vol. 2 No.1, June 2011, pp. 85-95)
  • Feminism and Subaltern Element in Toni Morrison's Sula. (Nagraj, 2013)
  • Is it Harish's Love or Lust that Maneuvers Virmati's Existence? In Manju Kapur's
  • Difficult Daughter. (Ruminations, Vol. 3 No.1, December, 2012, pp. 68-76)
  • Picture of Human Destruction in Amitav Ghosh's Sea of Poppies. (Ruminations, Vol. 2, No. 2, June 2012, pp. 358-363)
  • Sex, Symbolism, Illusion, Reality, in R. K. Narayana's The Guide. (Replica, Vol. XV. Issue No. ¾, July-Dec, 2012.)
  • Mahesh Dattani's 'TARA': A Saga of gendered self. (Glimpses, Vol.1, No.2, June, 2012, pp. 168-172)
  • Disillusionment in Girish Karnad's play – Tughlaq (revised version)(The Journal of Research Studies, Vol. 4, No. 8, March, 2009)
  • Identity Crisis in Girish Karnad's play – Hayavadana (revised version)(The Journal of Research Studies, Vol. 4, No. 9, June, 2009)
  • Question of Woman's Identity with special reference to Margaret Atwood's Surfacing. (Dr. Nagraj)
  • Dalit Studies with special reference to Joothan. (Dr. Nagraj)
  • Heer's Jehad against her lord in Tehmina Durrani's Blasphemy. (Dr. Nagraj)
  • Question of Chastity-Man vs. Woman in Girish Karnad's – Nagamandala. (Replica, Vol. XV. Issue No. 1&2, Jan-June, 2012)
  • Fashion: A Blind Pursuit with Special Reference to the Film Fashion. (Dr. Nagraj)
  • Ideas of Philip Larkin Presented in Diverse Moods with Special Reference to his Poem 'Here' (glimpses, 2014)
  • Thematic Study of Chinua Achebe's – A Man of the People.
  • Critical Study of Michel Foucault's Madness and Civilization. (Glimpses, 2013)
  • Emotional trauma in the life of Shoba and Mrs. Sen in Interpreter of Maladies. (Conference)
  • Critical study of the select poems of Philip Larkin. (Replica, Vol. No. XVII, Issue No. 1&2 January-June 2014)
  • Critical study of the poetry of Thom Gunn as the Movement Poet.
  • Quest for identity with special reference to Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake. (Ruminations, Vol. 1, No.2, Dec, 2011, pp. 103-107), (Vol. No. XVI, Issue No. 1&2 January-June 2013)
  • Communicating Across Culture: A Brief Study. (In the Seminar Proceedings of National Seminar on Technical Education & Challenges.)
  • Psychological upheavals in the lives of Jhumpa Lahiri's feminine characters in Interpreter of Maladies. (Dr. Nagraj)
  • Tara: A Study of Gender Discrimination. (Dr. Nagraj)(chronicler seminar)
  • Advertising & Branding Importance in Marketing. (In the Proceedings of National Conference on Challenges & Opportunities for Technological Innovation in India.) (In association with Ms. Chanchal Bathkora)
  • Role of Motivation Perspective in Management. (In association with Ms. Chanchal Bathkora)
  • Impact of Zodiac Signs on Communication Skills of an Individual.
  • Effect of Chemicals on Communiqué Capability of an Individual.
  • Spirit of Womanhood: Astitva (Glimpses, Vol.2, No.2, June, 2013, pp. 109-116)
  • A Short Story: A Mother's Promise. (Glimpses, Dec, 2013)
  • Critical Thinking Materials for the Classroom. (Glimpses, December, 2013)
  • Yayati: A Tale Self Control and Restraint. (Nagraj, 2013)
  • I Promise I Will Always Stay By Your Side. (Glimpses, Dec, 2013)
  • Feminine Sensibility & Sexuality: A New Dimension. (With Dr. Pooja Singh in Chronicler, December, 2013)
  • Spousal Violence: A Woman's Destiny. (With Dr. Pooja Singh in Chronicler, December, 2013)
  • Marital Rape: Combating the Myths. (With Dr. Pooja, Women Empowerment)
  • Glam to Sham: A Woman's Innate Desire for Commitment. (With Dr. Pooja, Chronicler, 2014)
  • Aesthetics: The Theory of Beauty(With Dr. Pooja)
  • Position of Women: Yesterday & Today (With Dr. Pooja)
  • Communicating Across With a Touch & a Glance (With Dr. Pooja)
  • Shakuntala: Myth or Reality Man Enjoys And Woman Suffers. (With Dr. Pooja, Indian writings in English)
  • Revolution 2020-Battle for a Perfect Life. (Chronicler, 2014)
  • Dilemma of Being an Only Child.