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Department of Humanities

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
The Department of Humanities is devoted to build up young generation and their all-round-development who could become the foundation stone of future global and multicultural society. In fact to maximize demographic dividend, Indian youngsters need to leverage their skills by learning foreign languages. Along with the languages, the curricula will contain adequate learning of history and culture of the country with focus on India's cultural interaction with the respective society. The courses aim at developing competence and proficiency in spoken as well as written language through audio-visual techniques, language laboratory, films, etc. The Department of English offers courses of language and Literature such that English, German, French and Hindi. As a result of globalization of the economy, companies are looking for language skilled human resources to make strategic decision. The department offers Doctoral Programme (Ph. D) in English, Ph. D in Sociology, Ph. D in Psychology, functional skills in English Language, Hindi Language, Business/Professional Communication, Industrial psychology, Industrial Sociology, Business Economics and Proficiency in course German and French Languages.