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The Department of Mass Communication is committed to evolve as a state-of-art to meet the emerging challenges of Media and communication in rapidly growing technological, postcolonial and postmodern scenario. Globalization and liberalization of Indian economy along with integration of world markets have opened up horizons of prosperity and growth for variety of communications. Communication sector in India has grown many folds in the last two decades and is projected to continue growing in the coming decades. On the one hand, the industry has witnessed a virtual explosion in the process of creation and consumption of information and communication and, on the other, an upsurge in the demand for knowledge and professional skills to face the challenges and the opportunities brought about by the transformative force of communication revolution. While new areas such as the internet and multi-media, on-line Journalism, 3D graphics and animation have emerged in the field, traditional areas such as print journalism and magazine publication, radio, television, films, animation, advertising, public relations, event management and communication research continue to hold ground and offer exciting careers in Communication. The Department of Communication running under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Babu Banarasi Das University is a response to these challenges and provides a flexible academic program to study the emerging disciplines and train students for the many exciting professional careers emerging with the convergence of technologies and communication processes.

The Department offers a 3-years Bachelor Programme and a 1-year Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. The Programm curriculum is wide-ranging and interdisciplinary and carefully balances theoretical and practical needs of the aspirants/students. The curriculum will train and enable students with communication concepts both in theory and practice and introduce them to various streams of the communication discipline. It will provide hands-on experience on all relevant skill areas and allow students to specialize in an area for entry-level jobs in communication and media sector. As part of its professional emphasis, the Program will provide an opportunity to students to gain practical work experience through its internship placements in relevant organization, interact with the leading professionals of the media and communication sector and assist students in finding suitable placements and self-employment opportunities.

News Paper Campus Talk July, 2015