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EEE - Research

Pankhuri Kishore

Thesis Guiding: 2
Research Area: Power System Planning
Paper Published:
  • Pooja Singh, Pankhuri Kishore "A comparative study of economic load dispatch by using conventional and non conventional method" published in IJLTEAMS, volume I issue X Dec 2012, IISN 2278-2540
  • Priyanka Mishra, Pankhuri Kishore, Diksha Tiwari, "Study on expansion and planning of distributed generation using MATLAB" published in the proceedings of National Conference on Digital Information And Mobile Communication Technology and It's Applications, April 04-05, 2014 at MMMUT Gorakhpur.

Manish Kumar Singh

Thesis Guiding: 2
Research Area: Power System Operation and Control
Paper Published:
  • Manish Kumar Singh, Jayanti Chaudhary "FRYZE current controller based active power filter" published in the proceedings of Third International Conference on Advances in Control and Optimization of Dynamical Systems, March 13-15, 2014 at IIT Kanpur.
  • Thesis Submitted in the Department:
  • Praveen Kumar Shukla, Classification of power quality disturbances using wavelet packet energy entropy and support vector machine, June 2013
  • Preet Kanwal, A Support vector machine based classification strategy fpr out of step detection with discreet wavelet transform, June 2013
  • Mubashshir Hussain Ansari, A comparative study for the elimination of harmonics in power system through P-Q and PI based controllers,June 2013
  • Deepak Kumar Singh, Handling Economic/ environmental power dispatch using multi objective optimization genetic algorithm, June 2013
  • Pooja Singh, A comparative study of economic load dispatch by using GA and PSO, June 2013
  • Mohiuddin Khan, Analysis and comparision of reactive power compensation and THD minimization using FC-TCR and D-STATCOM, June 2013
  • Asim HUssain,Prony Method for the Harmonics analysis of Electrical Power Quality, June 2013