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The research division covers various aspects of electrical engineering. There is an active and growing area of research in the field of power system &control, whilst collaborating with each other and a variety of industrial partners. The research group focuses on power system and their uses in various applications. Other major research areas include FACTS and their integration with power system, integrated design of electrical machines and drives and renewable energy resources.
The focus of research work is on power system & control which includes topics such as:

  • Renewable Energy Resources
  • FACTS Technology
  • Smart grids
  • Large Scale Integration of Wind Power in Electrical Power Grids
  • Fuzzy logic and Neural network Applications in Power Systems
  • Application of digital, adaptive and Artificial Intelligence techniques
          to real-time control and protection of power systems
  • Load flow studies, stability studies, Load frequency control
  • Analysis of the transient performance of large power systems
  • Control and design of power electronic circuits for alternative energy systems
  • Electric energy management and optimization

  • Post Graduate Research Carried Out:

    Session 2016-2017
    1. FaizMohdSiddiqui, "Analysis of Thermoelectric and Thermosyphon Modules on Various Heat Sources",June 2017.
    2. Mohit Srivastava, "Power Quality Improvement of Distribution Networks Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer", June 2017.
    3. PurviKapoor, "Optimal Distributed Generation Allocation And Sizing In Distribution System",June2017.
    4. VivekPathak, "Stabilization of Inverted Pendulum Using Fuzzy Logic Controller", June2017.

    Session 2015-2016
    1. Devesh Singh, "Performance Analysis of Integrated Solar/Wind Energy Conversion System into Smart Grid", June 2016.
    2. Deep Chand Rastogi, "Analysis on Micro Grid using solar cell/photovoltaic fuel cell for Energy supply in remote areas", June 2016.
    3. Kumar Kartikeya, "Comparison of three Power System Stabilizers and Case study of two areas for power transmission", June 2016.
    4. MahewashAbdi, "Power System Damping Controller Design Using Robust Control Using Two Area System", June 2016.
    5. Mariya Alvi, "Mathematical Modeling and Control of DFIG Based WECS Using Stator Voltage Orientation Control", June 2016.
    6. Ubaidullah, "Comparison of Fuzzy Logic and Hybrid Controller Based DTC Technique of Induction Motor", June 2016.
    7. Sameer Bajpai, "Analysis of Grid connected Wind Power Generation Using Doubly Fed Induction Generator", June 2016.

    Session 2014-2015
    1. Apporva Srivastava, "Performance Analysis of Squarrel Cage Induction Generator Coupled with Wind Turbine", June 2015.
    2. AbdullahTahir, "Transient Stability Analysis of Hybrid Distributed Generation System", June 2015.
    3. Feroz Khan, "Design and Analysis of A Fuzzy Controller for Industrial Temperature Regulation in Gas Plants", June 2015.
    4. PramodShukla, "Power Quality Improvement Along With Grid Interconnection of Renewable Energy Source", June 2015.
    5. RekhaParashar, "Performance Analysis of DFIG Based Wind Power Generation under Faulty Condition", June 2015.
    6. Shakshi Singh, "Generation of Electricityin Remote Areas withthe Help of Micro Grid Using Solar Cell & Fuel Cell", June 2015.
    7. ShrutiRastogi, "A Novel Voltage Balance Control Strategy for Cascaded Multilevel Statcom", June 2015.
    8. ShikhaYadav, "Design And Analysis Of Small Standalone Photovoltaic Energy System Using Matlab", June 2015.
    9. Shivanand, "Distributed Power Flow Controller- A New Facts Device", June 2015.

    Session 2013-2014
    1. Abhishek Kumar Pandey, "Design Of Networked Control Systems with Predictive Control Scheme", June 2014.
    2. Abhimanyu, "Calculation Of Optimized PID Parameters For AVR System Using Bacterial Swarm Optimization", June 2014.
    3. Amit Kumar Singh, "Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem Using Iterative Method", June 2014.
    4. Atul Singh, "Multi-Objective Economic Dispatch Using Evolutionary Algorithm", June 2014.
    5. Chandni Sharma, "An Adaptive Multi Agent Approach to Protection System in Presence of Distributed Generation" June 2014.
    6. Deepank Gupta, "Electrical Load Forecasting Using Meta Learning", June 2014.
    7. DikshaTiwari, "Optimal Distributed Generation Allocation and Sizing Using Optimization Techniques", June 2014.
    8. Priyanka Mishra, "Planning Of Distributed System Considering Distributed Generation", June 2014.
    9. RamPratapYadav, "Power Quality Improvement 3-Phase 4-Wire Distribution System Using Shunt Active Power Filter", June 2014.
    10. Seraj Ahmad Ansari, "Stability Improvement By Using Facts Controllers", June 2014.

    Session 2012-2013
    1. AsimHussain, "Prony Method for the Harmonics analysis of Electrical Power Quality", June 2013.
    2. Deepak Kumar Singh, "Handling Economic/ Environmental Power Dispatch Using Multi Objective Optimization Genetic Algorithm", June 2013.
    3. Praveen Kumar Shukla, "Classification of power quality disturbances using wavelet packet energy entropy and support vector machine", June 2013.
    4. PreetKanwal, "A Support vector machine based classification strategy for out of step detection with discreet wavelet transform", June 2013.
    5. MubashshirHussain Ansari, "A comparative study for the elimination of harmonics in power system through P-Q and PI based Controllers",June 2013.
    6. Mohiuddin Khan, "Analysis and comparison of reactive power compensation and THD minimization using FC-TCR and D-STATCOM", June 2013.
    7. Pooja Singh, "A Comparative Study of Economic Load Dispatch by Using GA and PSO", June 2013.