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School of Engineering The basic electrical engineering lab focuses on introduction of various fundamentals of networks theorems, transformers and all type of electrical machines. The various setups present in the labs are verification of networks theorems (Thevenin's, Norton, Superposition and Maximum power transfer theorem etc.).It includes all the experimental setup related to basic electrical technology.

The basic electrical engineering lab is utilized by all branches of students for lab work.


School of Engineering All types of dc machine, single phase, three phase squirrel cage and slip ring induction motors, single phase, three phase transformers, suitable starters and loading arrangements for machines ,measuring instruments of all types needed for the laboratory experiments and also sub-standard meters meant for calibration. The Electrical Machines Laboratory is utilizes by the engineering students except CSE and ECE students for their lab and project work. It is also useful for the teachers for research and development work.


School of Engineering All types of experimental setups required for analysis and synthesis are available such as Verification of Thevenin, Norton, Superposition, Maximum power transfer theorems. Synthesis of Two port networks coupled with the study of all types of filters and resonant circuits is also performed by the students The Networks Laboratory is utilized by students of EE and ECE Department for lab work and project work. All these facilities are used by the teachers for research and development work.


School of Engineering The Measurement lab comprises of various bridges (Kelvin's double bridge, Hay Bridge, De-Sauty Bridge, Schering bridges etc.).The lab is utilized by the EE & ECE student.


School of Engineering Control system lab comprise of various experiment setups like PID controller, linear simulator, compensator design, DC position control system, Synchro-transmitter and receiver pair etc. This lab is utilized by ECE and EE students for lab work.


School of Engineering This lab is based on the protection of different equipment and devices used in power system. Basic and technical knowledge is given by this lab. On the view of safety and protection, power system protection lab has their important role in the field of engineering.


School of Engineering Power Electronics Lab comprise of various characteristics of different power electronic components used in Engineering field such as SCR, bridge rectifier, Cyclo-converter, power transistor Voltage regulator etc.


School of Engineering It is the advanced lab in the field of power electronics. The main focus of the laboratory is on the measurement and control of electric drives. Study and control of different characteristics of various deviceslike motor, generator & transformer are performed by the power electronic components. Electric Drives Laboratory is one of the main part of the Department of Electrical Engineering. Electrical Machines Laboratory supports teaching; research and consultancy work on basic and advanced drives.