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As Computer Science & Technology have influenced significantly the way work is being done in today's world, research in computer sciences nowadays focuses more towards interdisciplinary research. Following are some of the areas that can be considered for research.

Data Mining

Research in the area of data mining has evolved a lot in the past few decades. Advanced data mining techniques has significantly benefitted organizations in both commercial and non-commercial sectors. For the analysis of huge data generated by many real world applications, data mining researchers are focusing much on efficient and scalable data mining techniques. A lot of work is also going on mining unbalanced, fuzzy and unstructured data sources. Privacy preserving data mining is also an important area of research. Some other research topics include, Developing a unifying theory of data mining, Scaling up for high dimensional data and high speed data streams, Mining sequence data and time series data, Mining complex knowledge from complex data, Data mining in a network setting, Distributed data mining and mining multi-agent data, Data mining for biological and environmental problems, Data Mining process-related problems, Security, privacy and data integrity, Dealing with non-static and cost-sensitive data.

Web Services

Web services provide a standard means of interoperation between different software applications, running on a variety of platforms and/or frameworks. The research is being done in the areas of Web Services vs. Classical Integration Architectures, Semantic Description Methods, Ubiquitous Services, Location-dependent Information Services, Ontologies for Web Services, Grid Computing, Web Service Protocols, Web Services Interoperability, Electronic Commerce, Billing Models for Web Services, Web Services and Portals, Secure Web Services and Privacy Issues, and Real-world Web-Service deployments

Architecture Description Language (ADL)

A standard notation for representing architectures helps promote mutual communication, the embodiment of early design decisions, and the creation of a transferable abstraction of a system. A large variety of ADLs are developed by either academic institutions or industrial groups. The research is being done in the area of Architecture-based Design, Architecture Description Language: ArchJava, UniCon, SADL, C2 and C2-SADL, Product Line Architectures (PLAs), Architecture-based Security & Trust, Internet Scale Architectures, Decentralized Architectures, Self- Adaptive, Healing Architectures and Architecture to Implementation.

Software Engineering

Research in the area of software engineering focuses on how to analyse, design, build, test, and maintain safe and reliable software systems. Research areas include, embedded and real-time systems, communications, robotics, databases, software design techniques, user interfaces and human-computer interaction, distributed systems engineering, software measurement and quality, software testing, software processes, requirements engineering, software tools, formal methods in software engineering, and the theoretical underpinnings of software engineering. Research work ranges from fundamental research advancing our understanding of the discipline to applied research advancing the practice of software engineering in a number of domains and technology transfer with local industry.