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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

School of Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers B. Tech. - Computer Science and Engineering, M.Tech. - Computer Networks and M.Tech. - Software Engineering & Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering courses. Our mission is to develop bright and motivated students, and provide them with education, guidance, and the resources necessary to become leading researchers in academia and professionals in industry and government organizations. The department provides a dynamic environment for education. Our degree programs help students to become outstanding professionals, prepared to impact modern society in all manners through the application of cutting edge technology.

The Department has highly qualified (Ph.D. and M.Tech.) and experienced faculty with publications in international and national journals and conferences in the areas of Computer Architecture, Database Systems, Data Mining, Computer Networks, Machine Learning, Soft Computing and Software Engineering.

The Department has a large number of basic and application softwares with latest servers (IBM-X3650, IBM-X225, COMPAQ MILPROLIANT 330 and HP NET SERVER E60) and terminals. About 1500 terminals are presently available for work.

The Department has tie-ups with reputed IT Companies like Infosys (through Campus connect program), IBM, HP etc. The department 's Corporate Connection program connects students with the employers seeking special skills. The comprehensive recruitment partnership program brings companies to the campus throughout the year for lectures, classroom presentations, recruitment events, career fairs, competitions, and more.