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Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is branch of civil engineering where science and math is used to design structures, solve problems and shape the world around us. Structural engineering deals with design of structures keeping in view the environmental conditions, the loads and stresses that will be imposed on the structure, and its utility. At the time of design it is ensured that the structure turns out to be safe and withstands all kind of loads for which it is designed. Structural engineering even deals with examining the existing structures for retrofitting and assessing the residual life of the structure. Structural engineering also deals with the choice of appropriate materials and to meet design specifications.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is that branch of civil engineering which aims the development of society and making water, land and air resources sustainable. The study of environmental engineering helps in dealing with the problems related to water, soil and air pollution and develops technical solutions for the same which are in compliance with legislative, social and economic concerns. The specialization includes planning, design, construction and operation of treatment facilities for domestic and industrial purposes, modeling of quality of surface and subsurface water, solid waste management.

Transportation Engineering

Transportation has always played a part in the development of a country. The study includes planning, design, building, operation and maintenance of an efficient transport network. It is the concern of a Transportation Engineer to design a network so as to meet the ever increasing demands of the traffic and providing safe movements to the commuters.