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Schools at BBDU

Civil - Labs

School of Engineering

Structure Lab

Fully equipped well maintained state of the art laboratory is existing

Transportation Lab

Fully equipped well maintained state of art laboratory is existing

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Lab

Fully equipped well maintained state of art laboratory is existing

Building Material Testing Lab

In this lab latest equipments are available to carry out various test like aggregate impact value, compressive strength of concrete and mortar, sieve analysis of coarse and fine aggregate etc. This laboratory is capable of training students for real life construction problems.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Fully equipped well maintained state of art laboratory and field testing equipments are existing. Major areas are:

Soil Mechanics: Facilities for field and laboratory testing involving sophisticated lab instruments including GDS tri axial testing machine and field equipments. Foundation Engineering: Facilities for all laboratory and field testing available like SPT, Dynamic Cone Penetration Test equipment and Plate Load testing equipment. Rock Mechanics: Facilities for cutting and lapping cores; equipment for carrying out Uni axial Compressive Strength test, Slake Durability test, Permeability test, Field Shear Box for Direct Shear Test, Tri -axial Test, (with continuous stress-strain measuring facilities computer controlled data logger) and routine tests are available.

Environmental Engineering Lab

Facilities for Water and waste water testing for physico-chemical and biological parameters by using equipments like BOD incubators, PH Meters , Turbidity meters, Jar test Apparatus etc.. Facilities for testing of Heavy metals in waste waters, Industrial waste waters, Pesticides in waste waters and other related parameters by using sophisticated equipments like GLC, AAS, Spectrophotometer etc. are available.

Survey Lab / Geoinformatics Lab

With the help of latest and conventional equipments like Total Station, EDM, Theodolite, Level machine etc. this laboratory facilitates students in the field of construction