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"The school of education aims at developing the personality of the pupils, so that they become worthy citizens of the country" The mission of the school of education is to prepare teachers, who could effectively contribute to the teaching profession. Teaching is an art and to make the pupil teachers perfect in this art, school of education provides the opportunity and appropriate knowledge to acquire the skill, which make the teacher enable to organize, communicate, instruct and motivate the individual to become successful in the profession.

At present Central as well as State Governments are exploring different areas in education, as a result of which many educational institutions both in Government and private sectors are coming up to cater the need of the hour and to enhance the opportunity of employment to the qualified trained pupil teachers.

"School of Education" is committed to provide theoritical along with practical experience and quality of education to its pupil teachers, so that their chances to get employment in various institutions are enhanced. Beside the Teachers Training in general education, school of education also looks after the specific teachers training courses in physical education.

Physical Education is an interdisciplinary subject which include subjects like sports medicine, exercise physiology, sports psychology, sports sociology, sports bio-mechanics etc. Based on these subjects appropriate curriculum has been developed to meet the need of the teacher training course along with the job opportunities in the field of physical education as sports.


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