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Programs @ School of Architecture

The School offers the following full time academic programs
  • ● Bachelor of Architecture: 5 Years Full Time
  • ● Bachelor of Planning: 4 Years Full Time
  • Bachelor of Planning: 4 Years Full Time Course
  • ● Bachelor of Interior Design: 4 Years Full Time
  • Bachelor of Planning: 4 Years Full Time Course
  • ● Master of Architecture - General: 2 Years Full Time
  • ● Master of Urban & Rural Planning: 2 Years Full Time
  • ● Master of Architecture - Landscape: 2 Years Full Time
About Bachelor of Architecture
The curricular structure divides the 5 - Year (10 - Semester) B. Arch. Program into two levels - Basic Level (six semesters) and Advance Level (three semesters). This is as envisaged in the Council of Architecture Guidelines.

Basic Level - The basic level focuses on providing a firm foundation to building design at a relatively simple level.
The educational purpose is an essential supplement to the professional one, in that professional practice is guided by a broader understanding of the discipline of architecture: its cultural and sociological roots, and its many branches of technological advance. In its best sense, architectural education's role is to critically evaluate and to expand the relevance and purpose of architectural work beyond the conventional confines of current professional practice.

Advance Level - At this level, building design is taken to higher levels of scale and complexity. It promotes development towards specialisation and an engagement with speculative theory and experimentation.
(a) Professional Training - 16 weeks of practical training is required to equip building designers with knowledge and capabilities which can be certified by the Council of Architecture to enable their registration as professional architects.
(b) Thesis - The Thesis is the last major step toward graduation with a first professional degree from the Architecture Program. It provides an opportunity for the student to systematically explore a coherent line of investigation of issues relevant to the field of architecture. Such investigation is based on philosophical and conceptual values and beliefs developed and articulated through rigorous and critical research. The Thesis is an intellectual position laid down or to be advanced.

About Master of Architecture
The post-graduate program Master of Architecture comprise of an annual intake of 20 students each thereby further adding to the students base of the university and is delivered under the able guidance of experienced faculty members and experts from professional arena adding to the practical knowledge and approach of the students.