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School of Architecture is one of the most dynamic and important part of BBD University. The School started in the form of 'Department of Architecture', in BBDNITM, Lucknow in the year 1999. The 5-year Degree Course in Architecture was affiliated from Uttar Pradesh Technical University and the Council of Architecture (under section 20 of Architects Act 1972).

In the year 2011, the 'Department of Architecture' came to be known as the 'School Of Architecture' and became an integral part of the Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow. Currently the University runs its full time academic courses and awards degrees at both Graduate (Bachelors of Architecture) as well as Post Graduate Level (Masters of Architecture). Over a period of almost 16 years, the School of Architecture has produced more than 600 Architects working in different sectors of construction industry.

The School believes that meaningful resolutions for contradictions and complexities can be arrived at through the process of learning and doing. Students are thus encouraged to develop skills related to the language of architecture, starting with basic communication skills, leading to the development of creativity, imagination and innovation. This is supplemented by the exploration and development of the craft of building, through workshop exercises as well as on site interaction with building industry. The School understands there is a shortfall of appropriately trained architects who can cope with diverse demands and challenges of the development process in India.

The school derives its uniqueness from an academic framework that inculcates architecture as a value based ethical inquiry and practice. In School of Architecture, education productively combines research and teaching paradigms. We encourage intellectual growth and nurture creative potential of the students.

The school has evolved from the efforts of founders and has reached the enviable threshold of launching itself as a premier School of Architecture among the likes, imparting high quality architecture and planning education.

"All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable" - Frank Lloyd Wright The school has a base-model of integrated architectural education that addresses many critical and sensitive contemporary issues of sustenance prevailing around the entire globe. We owe much to the diversity, complexity and social philosophy that has been our treasures and to remain so time and again for our future generations.

We have means to foster education concepts that stimulate the imagining power of the students to allow one to question their thoughts in multiplicity, seeking guidance from the experienced and highly qualified faculty members, researchers, professors, expert from field and also from the society as a whole.

"Architecture is a material act and social theatre of human activity" - Spiro Kostof The entire process addresses the single line focus on "Graze the Horizon to be a new Horizon".

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