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Dr. S. Ahmad Ali Dr. S. Ahmad Ali
Ph. D., F. I. M. A. (U.K.)
Head, Department of Mathematic & Dean - School of Applied Sciences
Message from Dean

The School of Applied Sciences at Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow envisages to become a State-of-the-Art Centre with high quality education and cutting edge interdisciplinary research in Science. The School consists of the Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry and aims to lay foundation in the Basic Sciences and to equip the students of other disciplines to make meaningful application of their knowledge.

The School of Applied Sciences not only contributes to the teaching of Applied Sciences in Professional and Technical courses but it also has a strong commitment towards creating new scientific knowledge driven by intellectual curiosity besides the desire to impart reliable information for applications. The faculty members are actively involved in conducting research in various areas. The School has rich learning resources for the students as well as faculty members.

Presently the Departments in the School offer Doctoral Degree Program in Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Mathematics, M.Sc. Mathematics and M.Sc. Electronics, B.Sc.(Hons.) in Mathematics, Computer Science and Electronics Science in order to nurture young minds towards embracing scientific challenges and needs for future development.