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Mar 10, 2016UTKARSH 2K16 - Day I Witnessed Enthusiasm and Festive Spirit Across the BBD Campus
Mar 09, 2016B.Tech. First Sessional test Schedule (Even Sem.) 2015-16
Mar 09, 2016M.Tech-First-Sessional-test-Schedule(Even-Sem.)2015-16
Mar 08, 2016BBDU NSS Unit Launched - First Camp held
Mar 02, 2016Exhibition TECHSPACE 2016
Feb 27, 2016Revaluation Result odd Semester 2015-16 Declared
Feb 27, 2016Pre-Ph.D. Course Work Result February 2016 Declared
Feb 23, 2016BBDCODS students wining performance in Inter-College Sports Event
Feb 12, 2016Scrutiny Result Declared
Feb 09, 2016BBDU Signs MoU for academic cooperations with RBS, South Africa
Feb 04, 2016Pre-Ph.D. Course Work Examination Schedule February 2016
Jan 20, 2016Utkarsh 2016 Announced
Jan 14, 2016Regarding the application for Scrutiny of Marks of First / Third / Fifth / Seventh / Ninth Semester Theory Examination 2015-16.
Jan 12, 2016Academic Calendar For M.Pharm. Second Year 2015-16.
Jan 09, 2016Odd Semester 2015-16 Result Declared
Jan 07, 2016BDS Second & Third year Result 2014-15 Declared
Jan 06, 2016
Jan 01, 2016Academic Calendar For M.Tech Second Semester (Full/Part Time) and M.Tech Fourth Semester (Part Time) 2015-16
Jan 01, 2016Academic Calendar For M.Tech Fourth Semester (Full Time) and M.Tech Sixth Semester (Part Time) 2015-16
Dec 15, 2015Revised Schedule of AR901, MBA107 and MBA2107
Dec 08, 2015Academic Calendar For Even Semester Academic Session 2015-16.
Nov 24, 2015Regarding the Admit Cards of Odd Semester Examination 2015-16
Nov 17, 2015Revised End Semester Examination Schedule BBA, IMBA 5th semester
Nov 03, 2015End Semester Examination Schedule odd Semester 2015-16
Oct 01, 2015Regarding the Submission of Carry over Paper Examination Forms (Odd Semester) 2015-16.
Oct 01, 2015Regarding the Submission of Enrolment and Examination Forms 2015-16.
Aug 24, 2015Pre-Ph.D. Course Work Result August 2015 Declared
Aug 13, 2015Regarding Ex-studentship and Re-admission in First Year 2015-16.
Aug 13, 2015Special Lecture by Dr. Mukul Srivastava in the Department of Mass Communication
Aug 12, 2015Revaluation Result Even Semster 2014-15 Declared